West Side Nut Club Fall Festival 2023

10:00am 02 Oct - 10:30pm 07 Oct, 2023

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Evansville, Indiana

West Side Nut Club 2023: Indiana’s Food-Filled Street Festival

Your body isn’t a temple, it’s a rollercoaster. And the best way to enjoy the ride is by filling yourself silly with the best fried and sugary sweets this life has to offer. If you agree, then you should check out Indiana’s 101st Annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, one of the largest street festivals in the United States.

‘For many, the Nut Club Fall Festival is pretty much what heaven looks like.’

Your experience at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

This event is all about the munchies. There will be over 130 food booths run by numerous non-profit organizations that rely on your appetite to raise money for charity, so come hungry because you’ll be eating for a good cause. And there will be more food varieties than you can shake a stick at, including unique fried treats and traditional comfort food.

West Side Nut Club Fall Festival 2023 schedule

For the best gastronomic experience, check out the festival’s Munchie Map so that you can plan your eating itinerary. Or should we say, eatinerary? Either way, you’ll want to come prepared because it’ll be food for miles!

Aside from tons of food, the event also features exciting events and attractions for the whole family. Rides, carnivals, parades, games, talent competitions, and more are just some of the activities planned out for festival-goers of all ages each year.

West Side Nut Club Fall Festival history

The roots of this event date back to 1921. It’s long, rich history has made it a highly-anticipated event in the local community, but one that is open to everyone who enjoys eating for pleasure.

Held every first full week of October, Franklin Street in Indiana becomes a hotspot for foodies of all stripes from both near and far.

Where to watch the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

The west side of Franklin Street in Evansville, Indiana plays host to the Nut Club Fall Festival. Head over to Wabash Avenue through St. Joe Avenue to check out all the food stalls from lunchtime to around 9 PM.

Buy tickets

There is only one kind of wristband ticket available for all festival-goers.

How to get around Evansville

During the festival, all the attractions along Franklin Street will be within walking distance. Increased pedestrian traffic throughout the Nut Club Fall Festival will mean that getting around by car isn’t advisable.

For exploring Evansville before or after the event, hiring a car is recommended because of its growing interstate system. Use the Metropolitan Evansville Transit System for public transportation. If your destination isn’t too far, getting around on foot or bicycle is encouraged.

Where to stay in Evansville

Evansville has a wide range of hotels to suit all budgets. However, take note that the Nut Club Fall Festival attracts almost 200,000 people each year, so it’s always advisable to book those hotel rooms as early as possible. 

Things to do in Evansville

Evansville is a hotspot of historical, cultural, and artistic attractions. Check out Bosse Field for old school baseball. Geek out at the Evansville Museum of Arts and Sciences. For some nature, head over to the Garden of the Gods, the Harmonie State Park, Hovey Lake, and Howell Wetlands. Get inspired in the creative communities of the Arts District.

Then there’s the nightlife: from charming dive bars to craft breweries and dance clubs, Evansville has a watering hole for everyone. Plus, Evansville is similar to Vegas in the sense that it’s got its fair share of casinos. The main difference is that it’s much more affordable here, so go on and try your luck!

West Side Nut Club Fall Festival 2023 Dates

The next West Side Nut Club Fall Festival takes place from October 2-7, 2023.

Photo Credit: West Side Nut Club, Lara Ramsey Fox, WOMI Owensboro, 14 First Alert, Jeff Lyons – 14 News, 92.5 The Country Station! WBKR, Vanderburgh Humane Society, Inc.

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Accommodation near West Side Nut Club Fall Festival 2023

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