Steamboat Music Fest 2022

12:00pm 05 Jan - 12:00pm 10 Jan, 2022
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Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Music Fest: The home of sweet vocals

Are you a music fanatic and you’re looking to light up your vacation with nothing else but pure music? The Music Fest event guarantees all that and much more. Steamboat Music Fest occurs in the first week of January, goes on for six days and guarantees 200+ hours of spectacular live music. It also comes with a world-class resort. This Music Fest does not only attract the music loving folks, but also thousands of those who have a passion for skiing since it happens in the snow-swept peaks of Colorado annually. This event brings top Texas and American musicians to the world-class ski resort of steamboat in Colorado for a week which is dominated by sports and music. This festival does not only focus on the self-established legends, but also the upcoming artists.

If you want to; experience a penthouse or a slopeside luxury site? Walk out the front door to the slopes? Have a music Fest stage in your lodge or just steps away? No worries since it’s all part of building your exclusive Music Fest package. There are definitely loads of options to choose from in order to satisfy your taste in price, lodging, music and the ultimate Rocky mountain vacation. There is also the Dickson Production which has experience as the premier travel package provider and with it working on your behalf, you can hit the slopes and also get tons of music favorites at wholesale prices.

Where to view the Steamboat Music Fest 2022

You can view these shows in sundry venues in Colorado which include; a huge dancehall/tent, an intimate pub, an old saloon, a stage resembling an old barn/hunting lodge, and an exciting upscale country club setting complete with plush seating and a fireplace.

How to get around Steamboat Music Fest

All the music festers across North America can arrive at this destination by using their own vehicles. From Denver, the place is approximately 157 miles. You can also opt to fly all the way to Steamboat since it is regarded as the most conveniently accessed ski resort in Colorado. Visit the official website to get updated about the schedule time list of all the flights going to Steamboat.

Where to stay for Steamboat Music Fest 2020

Maybe you’ve arrived at Steamboat for the music festival, definitely you must be wondering how on earth you’ll be able to accommodate yourself during the event. No worries folks, at Steamboat, you will find fantastic hotels in Steamboat Springs, Colorado which will comprise of wonderful services such as a hot tub on the back porch, and some pretty amazing views.

You can choose a hotel and condo or a quiet hotel for your stay, visit the map below for all Airbnb’s and lodgings that will make you feel at home.

Things to do in Colorado

While in town, there are several other interesting activities you can indulge yourself into and by doing so you will only realize what makes steamboat to remain quite an outstanding festive destination in the United States.

Depending on your definition of having fun, you can opt to go fly fishing in the Yampa River or also you can visit some of the relaxing and rejuvenating hot springs in Steamboat, not forgetting you can go for horse riding and sleigh rides, or maybe you can splash a couple of dollars at the shops and dining stations.

This town offers a true western adventure to each and every person who has a clear intention of exploring and it’s also well known for its wild mountain coaster that descends more than 400 feet down the slopes where you can experience world-class skiing and snowboarding.

Steamboat Music Fest 2022 Dates

The Music Fest happens will return on January 5-10, 2022.

Read more about other festivals and events that make up Colorado’s rich cultural scene and where to go fly fishing in Colorado.

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Accommodation near Steamboat Music Fest 2022

Rad Season is providing you with hotels and Airbnbs at the lowest prices available online. Book your stay for Steamboat Music Fest 2022 using the map below!

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