RacingThePlanet: Patagonia 2017

8:00am - 10:00pm 12 Nov, 2017

Event Ended

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Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

The tenth edition of the Roving Race will take place in the famous Patagonia region of Argentina.

Patagonia is dominated by the Andes, the longest mountain range on earth, running the length of South America from Colombia to the Strait of Magellan and across to Tierra del Fuego. The Argentine side, where RacingThePlanet: Patagonia will be staged, features arid steppes, grasslands, deserts, aqua-colored lakes and rivers, with a large variety of wildlife some of which include deer, armadillos, fox and pumas.

Course details

Located near Bariloche and the surrounding the area of Lake Nahuel Huapi National Park, the 250 kilometer / 155 mile RacingThePlanet: Patagonia course takes in a great variety of Patagonian landscape. Competitors will run through dry pampas, ancient forests, pristine blue mountain lakes, high plateaus, vast views of valleys and rivers. Competitors will see the peaks of the Andes Mountain Range and pass El Tronador, an extinct volcano located along the border between Argentina and Chile and Ventisquero Negro, the Black Glacier – one of the eleven glaciers formed around the mountain.

Competitors will also experience life in local villages with friendly locals, Gauchos, and their colourful huts known as puestos and the livestock on their ranches as competitors traverse the 250 kilometer course.

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