Quebec City Summer Festival 2022

10:00am 07 Jul - 11:30pm 17 Jul, 2022
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Quebec, Canada

The Quebec City Summer Festival: 10-day life-changing experience – for all music lovers and families

This epic Canadian festival is a 10-day experience and has taken place every year since 1968. There are 3 main outdoor stages; Plaines of Abraham, Parc de la francophonie and the Place d’Youville. There are several indoor venues as well at the ‘Imperial Bell and le Grand Théâtre de Quebec and even bars that affiliate themselves with the festival. There are also street performers as well as kids play areas – making the event family-friendly.

The festival features all types of music including rock, punk, hip-hop, classical music, world music and even electronic music. The Quebec City Summer Festival, otherwise known as Festival d’ete’de Quebec or FEQ for short is set up in a way that event areas are within walking distance of each other. With over 300 shows, 10 stages and two weeks to enjoy, the Quebec City Summer Festival is an event to add to your bucket list.

“I really LOVE going to this festival every year. The line-up is always a great mix of local, international, electro/ dance, pop, hip hop and (hard) rock music.”

How to get around Quebec

Once in Quebec for the festival– public transportation is the most convenient way to get to and from the festival sites and most sites are within walking distance of each other. There are extra buses added to the routes as well as shuttles to and from festival sites.

There are car parks available for festival-goers driving their own cars, however they fill up quickly and you have to wait in long lines of cars to enter and exit the car park. So, make use of public transport and shuttles.

Where to stay in Quebec

The festival itself offers several packages which include accommodation at nearby hotels. However, if you want to book your own accommodation there are hotels, motels, and apartments. There isn’t camping onsite of the festival but there are campgrounds around the area.

The best and easy way to find accommodation is to head to the map below for all the accommodation deals during the Quebec Festival:

Best Hotels and Self-Catered Vacation Rentals in Quebec

Things to do in Quebec

Quebec has so many things to offer before or after the festival. With its stunning landscape, hiking is highly recommended. Parc de la chute, Chaudiere Falls and Chute de la Dame Blache all have incredible waterfalls to view.

There are mountain biking trails as well as running and walking trails. Quebec City also has really good shopping for those of you who love to shop and a variety of museums dedicated to different things. You can go on whale watching tours and even multiple food and wine tours so you can eat and drink your way through the city.

Quebec City Summer Festival 2022 Dates

The Quebec festival takes place on July 7-17, 2022.

The Quebec City Summer Festival is fun for people of all ages and lovers of all types of music. With nearly two weeks to experience it all, you can take your time and really enjoy and seek out your favorite parts of the festival. The event coordinators have made it super organized and provide a variety of packages to take care of all your festival needs.

Are you looking for other festivals in Canada? Check out Quebec Carnival and Ottawa Winterlude.

Photo Credits: Festival d’été de Québec

Canada Travel Tips:

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Stay safe: Even the best-laid plans can head south. battleface can help you stay safe in dangerous or hostile situations as well as that epic road trip or catching a few waves. How to stay safe during Quebec City Summer Festival 2022? If you’re not covered for your trip yet, get your quote here.

Spend money wisely: Take public transport and dine in from time to time are common saving tips during traveling. How to spend money wisely in Canada? Make use of technology. There’s an app for everything.

Accommodation near Quebec City Summer Festival 2022

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