Pizza Fest – Napoli Pizza Village 2019 - food festival, wine, beer, food

Pizza Fest – Napoli Pizza Village 2019

6:00pm 13 Sep - 11:30pm 22 Sep, 2019

Event Ended

Plan for Pizza Fest – Napoli Pizza Village 2019

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Napoli, Italy

Pizza Fest 2019: The Biggest Pizza Party In Italy

Blessed are the pizza makers. No other food in the world has been able to hold a candle to pizza’s reputation as the ultimate comfort food. The sustenance it has provided for one too many all-nighters. The greasy comfort it imparts when you’re hungover. The camaraderie it fosters when people gather around it. The cheesy warmth it fills you up with when you’re getting over a breakup. Pizza is the only dish in the world that’s acceptable to eat cold, 7AM, or 5PM.

Pizza can do no wrong: if you agree, then you shouldn’t even be thinking twice about attending the Pizza Fest in Naples, Italy.

Welcome to the birthplace of pizza – you best believe you’re going to be eating so many different delicious variations of it for several days during this event. The world’s most talented pizza masters will be at the helm, dishing out (pun intended) tons of wood-fired, classic Italian, freestyle, and even gluten-free pizzas. Napoli Pizza Village is one of Italy’s biggest events, there will be over 30,000 pizza-loving people gathering around town for bite after bite after bite. That’s not all: in between all the munching, Pizza Fest has a fully-loaded program to keep you learning and entertained. There will be workshops teaching you how to make authentic pizza, live concerts for you to dance to and burn off all those calories, interesting exhibits, exciting contests, and so much more. Plus, WINE! You’re in Italy, after all. Pizza Fest is about celebrating la dolce vita, and we all know that pizza is what makes life truly sweet. 

Where to view Pizza Fest 2019

Pizza Fest takes place at Naples’ gorgeous seaside promenade, Lungomare Caracciolo. The entire area transforms into a pizza paradise for the duration of Pizza Fest. From Lungomare Caracciolo, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Capri, Vesuvius, and the stunning Castel dell’Ovo. It’s a postcard-perfect image of Naples!

Most of the events are free to attend – just pay for your pizza.

How to get around Naples

Naples has a wide array of public transportation options for efficiently getting around the city. The main touristy areas of Naples are pretty compact, which makes walking the most convenient (and scenic) and sensible mode of transportation. The Metro system and the Funiculare Centrale are ideal for getting to longer distances. Otherwise, consider taking the buses or trams, particularly if you intend to stay within the city centre.

Where to stay for Napoli Pizza Village 2019

Naples has a fantastic selection of affordable and mid-range hotels throughout town. Your best bet is to stay as close to Lungomare Caracciolo as possible.

If you need help booking a hotel during Pizza Fest, check out Rad’s map below for some awesome deals.

Things to do in Naples

Naples, the Grande Dame of Europe, is one of the oldest and largest cities in the continent. The juxtaposition of old and new is very much alive in its streets, and history present in every corner. There’s enough to do in Naples to fill up an entire summer, so the hard part is choosing exactly what you’re going to do.

Choose from sunny beaches to laze the days away, immersing in ancient history, discovering the charming streets and alleyways, and eating your weight in authentic Italian food. Oh – and it would be a sin not to have wine every day: you’re in a place where wine is cheaper than water!

Pizza Fest 2019 Dates

Naples Pizza Village will take place from September 13-22, 2019 and is open everyday at 6 pm and will close at midnight.

Accommodation near Pizza Fest – Napoli Pizza Village 2019

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