University of Okoboji Winter Games 2021

8:00am 28 Jan - 10:00pm 31 Jan, 2021
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Okoboji, Iowa

University of Okoboji Winter Games: Express your area of specialty in the winter games

Are you a broomball, flag football, soft football, bags tournament, chili cook-off, chocolate classics, polar plunge, polar plunge, fireworks, and burning of the greens fan? Good news for you, with the fictional University of Okoboji hosting their 41st winter games, you can get to attend this scintillating event. It will go down on January 28-31, 2021. The event attracts a lot of people from all over and just lights up the atmosphere of the whole town. The first games in this institution date back in the year 1981 and as a tradition, it is done annually.

The Winter Games are a superb celebration for the community which is accompanied by so much fun and the chilly weather. Regardless of your age, this event will excite you since there is something for all. It is not only sports that take place, but also if you believe you can sing and dance, this is the time to showcase your vocals and cool moves. With that being the only time that the Texans experience the snow, they just give it their all and enjoy the moment. The Winter Games brings families and friends together from across the country.

Where to view Okoboji Winter Games

The event will be held in the University of Okoboji grounds in Oboji, United States

How to get around Okoboji

In order to make your way around for the upcoming University of Okoboji Winter Games, you can request a ride from various taxi providers found locally.

That means that you don’t have to worry at all about where to park your car, at any given time, you can call cab services such as Boji Rides taxi, Kato cab, rides or my taxi. Just visit the website for more information on how to get to the winter games.

Head to the map below for all the Airbnb’s and hotel deals in Okoboji and around the West Okoboji Lake.

Where to stay for the Okoboji Winter Games

There are several lodging options available for you and your friends to stay and enjoy the winter games. You can check out some fantastic lodging options found in the Lowa Great Lakes Area and book a room for yourself.

You’ll also find Americlnn of Okoboji, Americlnn of Spencer, the Arrowwood resort and conference center, Boulders Inn & Suites located in the Milford area, Four seasons resort at Arnolds Park and several other amazing lodgings.

There is no need to worry about your stay for the winter games, just check out the several lodgings so as to have a clue of where you can stay.

Things to do in Okoboji

While in town for the Okoboji Winter Games, you can attend the polar plunge which normally takes place on the ice by the Arnolds Park Amusement Park on that same Saturday of the winter games. The fun intensifies to great level when you bring a friend or family member around to hold your dry clothes and belongings and have a laugh at you as you soak. Probably, you should bring a towel and a sense of courage as people normally begin jumping into the frozen waters of West Lake Okoboji at 3 pm.

The registration fee for this event only goes for around $20 and to which the funding collected goes straight to the Arnolds Park Okoboji fire & rescue department for their bravery services in case of a bad situation. Also, you can indulge yourself in hunting and fishing activities but you’ll require special licenses and permits.

University of Okoboji Winter Games 2021 Dates

The winter games will be held on January 28-31, 2021.

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Accommodation near University of Okoboji Winter Games 2021

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