Jackalope Festival 2021

5:00pm 21 May - 11:30pm 23 May, 2021
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Truro, NS, Canada

JACKALOPE Atlantic: The Largest Action Sports Event in Canada

Jackalope Festival 2021 has been canceled. See you in 2022.

The next edition of the Jackalope Festival is set to take place on May 21-23, 2021 at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre in Truro. It’s the event of the year for adrenaline junkies with over 22,000 people coming far and wide.

Enjoy a variety of sports and activities, including initiations, demonstrations and international-calibre competitions. The goal is to inspire people to be active and discover or rediscover the seven action sports that are featured at the event.

This event will see the legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and BMX rider Mat Hoffman putting on an exclusive demo and heaps more action!

Events at the Jackalope Festival

Include the Skateboard World Cup, BMX, Base Jumping, Slackline, Bouldering, Fixed gear and heaps more.

Things to do at the Jackalope Festival

The open men’s and women’s World Cup Skateboarding event, bouldering competitions and the IBIKE CRIT will keep you entertained. There will be heaps of pop up shops, food and drink trucks, slacklining, a killer after-party and hell even a water gun fight!

The mission of Jackalope is to inspire people to take part in sports and stay active as well as to promote action sports and contribute to their ongoing development.

Where to stay 

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For more event information head to Jackalopefest.ca

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