Desert Daze 2019

12:00pm 10 Oct - 12:00pm 13 Oct, 2019

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Moreno Beach - Lake Perris, California

Desert Daze 2019: A Spectacular Music Festival In California

Ask anyone in Southern California, and they’ll tell you that Desert Daze is one of those music festivals that will have you coming back for more. For the past few years that the event has been around, it’s no surprise that this festival continues to grow in reach. Desert Daze is on a league of its own; it’s a gem, a diamond in the rough, and one that you’d be wrong to miss out on especially if you enjoy a great show. And bear in mind, they’ve got three full days of epic shows awaiting you.

‘Desert Daze 2019 offers a rockin’ cosmic experience that will not only thrill your ears, but all your senses too.’

Aside from an impressive lineup, there will be epic outdoor activities that await you: fun in the sun with boat rides, swimming, lounging in the beach club, plus mind-blowing installations, mad visuals, films, workshops, talks, a bazaar, and more. In between the dancing and jamming, you’ll have lots of opportunity to socialize in and out of the water. The Mystic Bazaar is a major highlight of the event; this is where you’ll find the tea and cacao ceremonies, tarot, yoga, and other esoteric delights.

Lake Perris is one of the most picturesque locations in Southern California, and it will feel like one huge outdoor party with not a single shopping mall or house in sight. Visitors will be treated to the best that nature has to offer this side of the state, with rolling hills, desert landscapes, an island, mountain ranges, and beaches to enjoy. Everything you need to be comfortable and enjoy at the festival will be provided, including clean bathrooms and tons of restaurants, food trucks, and a water refilling station. Though the West Coast is known for its amazing festivals, this one stands out for its unique theme and a captivating intimate vibe but by no means does it cut corners when it comes to offering epic performances and activities to be enjoyed all weekend long.

Past lineups include Tinariwen, Warpaint, Chelsea Wolfe, Fool’s Gold, The Blonde Redhead, and Minus the Bear. This year’s Desert Daze has got some mad treats on the bill: Wooden Shjips, Tame Impala, Warpaint, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Fever the Ghost, Deap Valley, and more.

Where to view Desert Daze 2019

Desert Daze 2018 will be held at the beautiful Moreno Beach, located at Lake Perris in Southern California. Tickets include single day passes, weekend passes, and VIP upgrades. Camping and lodging passes are also available. For the best experience, the Moonstone, Azurite, or Obsidian pass is highly recommended because these will give you exclusive entrance to the plush Italian-style Moreno Beach Club.

How to get around Lake Perris

Event organizers will be offering shuttles to take visitors to and from the festival grounds from Los Angeles, which you can avail of by purchasing the shuttle pass. Large groups may want to consider the chartered buses, which will only add to the fun of your Desert Daze experience!

For festival goers bringing their own vehicles, there will be designated parking areas for general admission and VIP ticket holders.

Where to stay for Desert Daze 2019

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Perris by setting up tent at the campgrounds with your friends. Camping is the preferred choice of accommodations for the event, since there will be fun late night activities in store within the festival grounds. A general store will be conveniently located within the campgrounds just in case you forgot some essentials at home.

Those who prefer to stay in Los Angeles, which is an hour and a half’s drive away, will find no shortage of accommodations and lodging on the map below.

Things to do in Lake Perris

Once you’ve made the most out of Lake Perris’ natural beauty, drive back to Los Angeles for some exciting treats in the City of Angels. The city is home to lots of world-famous attractions, so bring an open mind and a sense of adventure. Kick back a few extra days to make time for the vibrant nightlife and terrific gastronomic attractions Los Angeles is known for.

Desert Daze 2019 Dates

Desert Daze will take place from October 10-13, 2019.

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Accommodation near Desert Daze 2019

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