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Boomtown Festival 2019

12:00pm 07 Aug - 11:00pm 12 Aug, 2019
Boomtown Festival 2019 Starts In
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Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Boomtown: Where the unbelievable becomes believable and fiction becomes reality

Unknown to most, the county of Hampshire in the United Kingdom shelters a city within its own, this city, is called Boomtown. For four days every year, the gates of the mysterious city swing open for those who seek an adventure. Will you enter?

Boomtown festival is much more than just awesome music and heaps of alcohol, it’s a story unfolding. Every year the festival’s theme is based on a new chapter unraveling, festival-goers are able to unleash the full capacity of their creativity and are transformed into unique characters without even knowing it. The city of Boomtown is made up of 14 districts scattered across four areas, Hilltop, downtown, whistlers green, and temple valley. The live music offers a mix of every genre spread over all the districts and stages within Boomtown including reggae, hip-hop, folk, electronic, rock, drum and bass etc.

The Story So Far…

The mystical story began in 2009 with an independent traveler who founded a town with gold he stumbled upon during his travels. After a year of success the town was reopened but with every victory comes power hungry beasts trying to claim a piece of the action. 2010 saw an expansion of new zones, famous faces, and beaming illuminations, beckoning those in search of an adventure.

The following year Boomtown was hit by an alien landing seeing creatures never before seen by the human eye. The rapidly growing town had soon become a city that again opened new districts lead by an unworthy mayor who manipulated alien mechanism to control the residents. As with many countries, the rivalry between the rich and the poor was reaching new heights, causing chaos on the streets of Boomtown. A peculiar character – the man in the mask, began an uprising convincing the people to act, the council was torn down and the rich were left to experience the life of a peasant, but the throne of power was left cold and still is.

‘The Unknown Inspires As Creativity reaches No Limit at Boomtown’

Getting To Boomtown

The team behind Boomtown are constantly thinking of new ways to help the planet and one of these include reducing our carbon footprint. Approximately one-third of the festival attendees already make their way via public transport and in hopes of increasing this number Boomtown has now teamed up with National Express.

This year they have pick-ups from over 50 locations around the UK and also provide a drop off service after the festival has ended. Boomtown also works with a French tour company called Ontours which are offering coach trips from France into the UK for the festival. Like many other festivals around the UK this year, Boomtown is urging people to car share if they are not taking the coach service.

Where To Stay for Boomtown

There is a range of camping available onsite if you opt not to bring your own tent from the most basic, padded mats in a tent, to glamourous full-sized rooms with a fitted kitchen, heating, aircon, and bathroom.

The city of Winchester is the ancient capital of England full of historic character and charm. There are countless accommodation options available for your stay including several holiday parks and camping sites suited for all sized families.

There are luxury hotels and family run bed and breakfasts located both central and on the outskirts. Alternatively, there are many self-catered apartments, houses, and cottages to choose from also.

Things To Do In Winchester

Winchester is a very medieval city with many historic buildings, churches, and a cathedral. In true country spirit, Winchester is home to the largest farmers market in the UK where you will be able to pick up the country’s best fresh produce.

Keeping its history alive there are many things to see in Winchester including museums, guided tours, trail walks, and other iconic spots that make up the city. For something a bit different you can visit Marwell zoo, the science center, or embrace the great outdoors and stroll through the stunning gardens of Winchester.

Boomtown 2019 Tickets And Dates

Boomtown is held at Matterley Estate in Winchester, Hampshire. This year Boomtown starts on Wednesday the 7th of August and ends on Sunday the 12th of August.

Tickets start from £243.50 for the weekend with a slightly higher price for Wednesday arrivals. Children under 12 are able to attend the festival with a guardian of 30 years of age or over.

Boomtown Festival 2019 Location

Book your stay nearby Boomtown Festival 2019 from the map, displaying all the available Airbnbs and hotels nearby, at the lowest prices.

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