Best Action Cameras under £200

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Best Action Cameras That Won’t Break The Bank

It seems that every man and his dog has an action camera strapped to them these days. And if YouTube is anything to go by, dogs definitely have cameras strapped to them. The fact still remains; action cameras are still increasing in popularity but which one do you choose?!

Luckily, to get rid of the worry, we’ve compiled a quick list of 5 action cameras for under £200. You might want the best camera, but we’re assuming that most of you don’t want to leave only pennies in your bank. So here goes…


Garmin VIRB Light

Price: £195

As you would expect from most cameras these days, Garmin VIRB films in full HD (1080p), is waterproof, can take photographs up to 16megapixels, and there’s an app to connect to your smart phone. It also has a viewfinder on the camera so you can make sure you’re capturing the perfect shot.

If you ever want to know the exact location of where you’re filming, you can activate the built-in GPS. But we reckon you probably already know where you are most of the time.



Drift HD Action Camera

Price: £99 upwards (depending on where you shop)

There are several different models of Drift cameras but after a slight bit of research, you can buy one model for £99 or you can buy the Drift Stealth 2 3.0 Action Camera for £100. We’re going so far as to assume that these are the slightly more budget versions of the camera as their official website has cameras for £250 upwards. But we digress.

It ticks all the standard action camera boxes – waterproof, HD filming… It’s also controllable from a remote that comes as standard. Great to have when you’re on the mountain and fumbling to find the record button. Cheap, cheerful, does the job, but maybe not the best.


GoPro Hero 4 Session

Price: £150-160

There’s no wondering why GoPro are the best in the business right now and why many people are attempting to emulate them. They’re just good at what they do. For those of you unable to afford the latest version of the GoPro camera, GoPro have release the GoPro Hero 4 Session. It’s a lot more compact but just as versatile as the other GoPro models. It’s waterproof up to 10m, shoots video in 1440p, takes 8megapixel photos and has an easy one-button system.

All good things, but remember that if you want to change any settings on it, you’ll have to connect to the smartphone app to do so. Also, it has a 2-hour battery life so make sure whatever you’re doing takes less than two hours.


iSaw Edge


Price: £170

Probably the best and most technical of the budget action cameras, shooting in 4K at 10fps, with full HD shooting at 60fps. The iSaw has an LCD viewfinder, and built-in wifi to connect to your phone app.

Essentially, it’s a GoPro without the name. It even looks like one! I guess it’s the old saying – if you can’t beat them, join them.

Ok, maybe we’re being a bit crude there but it truly looks like a GoPro, acts like a GoPro (to an extent) but doesn’t have the price tag of one. It isn’t a bad choice if you can’t afford a GoPro.





Price: £95

Much like the iSaw Edge, the SJCAM imitates GoPro to an alarmingly court-case inducing effect. It has the same box design with waterproof casing and does everything that its counterpart does: records in 4K, 2K, 1080p, built-in wifi, and all the usual mod-cons.

When buying this camera, it comes with a lot of clips and mounts, which the GoPro doesn’t – they’re extra. So that’s a bonus. It’s also bloody cheap for an action camera. That said, we haven’t gotten our hands on one yet so we can’t tell you about picture quality but for the technical capabilities for that price, why not?

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