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Banff Film Festival returns to the UK again for another tour!

For yet another year, the prestigious Banff film festival for all action sports enthusiasts and Earth lovers lands in the UK for a tour around these British Isles. The BFF normally holds some incredible films that excite and educate all patrons and this year will be no different from any other.

Depending on the location of event and what day you get your ticket, you will be watching either the RED Film Programme of the BLUE Film Programme. These are two very different film programmes guaranteed to blow your socks off and inspire you to change the world for the better.

What’s going to be shown? I’m glad you asked…

The most notable and recognisable film on the billing is Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out. You get to watch the world’s best trials rider jumping off rooftops, front flipping off a vole and taking his mum to the shops. I’m not too sure if the last two happen but you wouldn’t put it past him with the amount of creativity and talent he holds within his bike.

If you just wanted to watch the whole thing now, you could just watch the clip on YouTube. You probably won’t find the other films on there, so go buy tickets!

Doing It Scared is an incredible short film about climber Paul Pritchard returns to the Totem Pole in Tasmania to complete his climb. Eighteen years before this moment, a catastrophic accident left him partially paralysed and he heads back there to see if he can finish what he started. It’s an incredible story that proves that being classed as disabled doesn’t stop you from achieving things you’ve wanted to your whole life.

Winner of a Banff Award, The Super Salmon is a film about the construction of a hydroelectric mega-dam on the Susitna River in Alaska. It doesn’t sound like much but it highlights the importance of the river to the wildlife in the area as Alaska pushes for renewable energy with outdated technology. It’s an eye opening 25 minutes but well worth the watch.

For full details about locations and dates, and for all the films, please visit the Banff website and get involved. It’s an incredible tour.

Check out the trailer below for what’s in store:

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