A Weekend Adventure in Byron Bay, Australia

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Where to go and what to do in Byron Bay

Australia offers so many spectacular locations for your vacation, but it is mostly known for its deluxe beachside hotspots. Some of these hotspots, like Byron Bay, offer ample opportunities for avid adventurers who enjoy the adrenaline rush of adventure sports, both on the water and in the air. If you plan on visiting this coastline town for a couple of days, here’s what you need to know before you set off on a weekend adventure in Byron.

Where is it?

Byron Bay is a picturesque beachside town on the eastern coast of Australia. Specifically, it is located approximately 170 km south of Brisbane and 770 km north of Sydney. The nearby Cape Byron is well known as the easternmost point of Australia. Interestingly enough, the town itself was named by James Cook after a naval officer John Byron, the grandfather of a legendary poet George Gordon Byron.

Why should I be interested?

Byron Bay is renowned around the world as a hotspot for water-related activities. It is a famous surfing center, scuba diving resort and it is also iconic as a whale watching area. It also offers a plethora of sports activities, such as Byron Bay triathlon, kayaking, rainforest hiking and skydiving. With its beautiful rural environment and fun activities, it has a bit of something for everyone.

Can I compete in the Byron Bay Triathlon?

Conquering the surrounding natural landscapes with a bicycle can be an interesting activity for cycling enthusiasts, but the real treat comes in form of Byron Bay Triathlon.

Enjoy the best that Byron Bay has to offer with the Byron Bay Triathlon. Swim, ride and run through the picturesque location and see why Byron Bay is considered one of Australia’s most beautiful locations. The Byron Bay Triathlon is a triathlon totally Byron style! Have a late race start on Saturday then celebrate into the night.

Wanting to have a family getaway? The Byron Bay Triathlon also has two kids’ categories – Junior, for those between the ages of 7 and 9, and Big Kids, for those between the ages of 10 and 12. Bring the family and enjoy an active holiday together.

How to get to Byron?

If you come from somewhere far away, there’s a high probability you’ll come by plane, and the nearest airport is Ballina/Byron Airport. After you land, it will take you 30 minutes of driving to get from Ballina to Byron Bay, and most flights come in from Sydney and Melbourne, so be prepared for a few layovers. Gold Coast Airport is not that far away too – only an hour away.

If you are traveling on wheels, it should take you around 9 hours to get from Sydney to Byron Bay, and two hours from Brisbane. Just try to avoid school holiday periods when the traffic on the Pacific Highway can get truly heinous. Traffic jams can stretch out for 4 km. As far as buses go, there are regular coach services between Brisbane and Sydney, and your destination is just another stop along the way.

Where to stay?

Belongil Beach, Byron Bay. Photo credit: David McKelvey

There is a range of accommodation options you can choose from – from various cabins to Byron Bay Luxury accommodation for those who enjoy a bit of luxury on their vacation. Since it is a popular location for backpackers and impromptu adventurers, you can crash at a financially manageable Byron Bay Visitor Centre, if nothing else comes your way.

For those of you who are traveling on a budget, there is Aquarius Backpackers Resort, Arts Factory Lodge and Byron Bay YHA. If you have money to spend and are in the mood for a more high-end accommodation, there is Cossies by the Sea, Tallow Beach Motel and Planula Retreat.

Activities and Festivals in Byron Bay

Paddle out as the sun sets. Photo credit: Richard Rydge

As far as the activities go, a mere weekend in Byron Bay will probably not be enough to enjoy everything it has to offer. As far as surfing goes, the place offers a variety of beautiful beaches with several mighty-popular hotspots like Byron Main, Watego’s Beach and Tallow’s Beach. You can go kayaking, scuba diving or snorkeling. Make sure to check out Byron Bay Dive Centre first, on 9 Marvell Street. The center offers both snorkeling and diving trips for all of you thrill seekers. Kayaking tours are also a popular choice, and there is even a program that offers kayaking with dolphins.

Of course, all the fun activities are not limited to water – you can also fly up in the air and feel the adrenalin rush as you go hang gliding or skydiving. If you are in the mood for an epic adventure in the skies, enjoy a spectacular sunrise on a hot air balloon flight over Byron Bay.

If you like a firm ground beneath your feet, there are hiking tours all around. You should definitely visit the local landmark Byron Bay Lighthouse before you embark on a hike through the surrounding forests. There’s also a cycling lane that goes along the beach and, if you are lucky, you can catch an annual triathlon.

While we are on the subject of annual events, try to arrange your weekend so you can come by during Easter – there is an amazing East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival during that time. There is also an alternative Splendour in the Grass Music Festival in July.

Every adventurer who has traveled to the Land Down Under will tell you nothing really compares to the scent of the Pacific Ocean at the edge of the world and a buzz it brings. With an array of fun and exciting activities at your disposal, such backdrops are a perfect fit for anyone in search of a thrill. This is why many adventure seekers flock to Byron Bay for a bit of R&R with a pinch of adrenaline thrown into the mix.

Accommodation near Byron Bay

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