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Tracey Croke at Smithfield MTB Park mountain biking far north queensland
Mountain Biking In Tropical North Queensland What gets mountain bikers really pumped? Is it purely the thrill of the trails? How does riding through a unique natural environment sound? Maybe you have a bucket-list of world-class events? And how about bolting on some bangin’ adventures when the quads are taking…
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Downhill World Championships 2017 Cairns, Australia
The 2017 Downhill World Championships results are in. The much awaited results are here, after the amazing event we now know who has been crowned the fastest in the world in Cairns, Australia. Junior Downhill World Championships 2017 The 2017 World Championships kicked off with the junior women’s race with…
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Downhill World Championships, cairns, australia
We are all looking forward to this year's multi-round mountain bike racing also known as UCI Mountain Biking Downhill World Championship. Now, the wait is over. The toughest discipline of Mountain Biking will be held in Smithfield Regional Park, Queensland, Australia plays host to the best rider in the world…
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