X Games Sydney Day 3 Highlights

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The final day of X Games Sydney was jam packed with high drama and huge performances

Ryan Williams, who grew up on Australia’s of Sunshine Coast, got things rolling winning his first X Games medal with gold in the BMX Big Air competition.

Moto X Best Whip

Not to be out done by their buddy on a bike, Aussies Jarryd McNeil and Corey Creed got hot in the Moto X final, dominating the Best Whip competition and taking home the gold and silver medals. With the win, McNeil became the most-winningest Australian athlete in X Games history with seven gold medals.

Moto X Best Trick

In the Moto X Best Trick final, five to the eight riders were from Australia. Rob Adelberg and Josh Sheehan claimed gold and bronze respectively with frontflip and double backflip variations. Hailing from Benalla, Adelberg locked in his gold medal performance with a no-handed front flip. Seven of the last nine Best Trick medals have now gone to the Aussies.

Men’s Skateboard Street Final

Then there was Aussie Shane O’Neill, who made sure the Land Down Under was also represented in the Men’s Skateboard Street final. He’d end up with a well-earned bronze medal.

And while the Aussies clearly shined, there were a few X Games stars that stood tall above the rest, most notably skater Nyjah Huston. Defending his X Games Minneapolis gold medal, it only took him one run to assert his dominance. Unleashing a combination of maneuvers, including a blunt kickflip to fakie and a nollie heel flip to backside lip slide to fakie, his performance proved to be too much for Brazilian’s Kelvin Hoefler and Melbourne’s Shane O’Neill.

All told, X Games Sydney was a smashing success for the Aussie contingent. By the close of competition they have claimed a total of 10 medals, three of them being gold.It was the most of any country.

X Games Sydney Day 3 Results

BMX Big Air Final

Ryan Williams, 92.00 (AUS)
James Foster, 90.33 (USA)
Mykel Larrin, 87.00 (USA)
Vince Byron, 81.66 (AUS)
Alex Landeros, 77.00 (USA)
Jaie Toohey, 74.33 (AUS)
Douglas Oliveira, 70.33 (BRA)
Morgan Wade, 41.66 (USA)

Gold – Ryan Williams
Silver – James Foster
Bronze – Mykel Larrin

Moto X Best Whip Final

Jarryd McNeil, 96.00 (AUS)
Corey Creed, 92.00 (AUS)
Axell Hodges, 91.00 (USA)
Josh Sheehan, 90.00 (AUS)
Lance Russell, 88.00 (AUS)
Steve Mini, 87.00 (AUS)

Gold – Jarryd McNeil
Silver – Corey Creed
Bronze – Axell Hodges

Moto X Best Trick Final

Rob Adelberg, 94.66 (AUS)
Tom Pages, 91.66 (FRA)
Josh Sheehan, 90.66 (AUS)
Clinton Moore, 88.66 (AUS)
Taka Higashino, 87.00 (JPN)
Libor Podmol, 82.33 (CZE)

Gold – Rob Adelberg
Silver – Tom Pages
Bronze – Josh Sheehan

Men’s Skateboard Street Final

Nyjah Huston, 96.00 (USA)
Kelvin Hoefler, 92.66 (BRA)
Shane O’neill, 92.00 (AUS)
Jagger Eaton, 91.66 (USA)
Yuto Horigome, 87.33 (JPN)
Luan Oliveira, 83.00 (BRA)
Alec Majerus, 80.00 (USA)
Ryan Decenzo, 70.66 (CAN)
Ishod Wair, 65.00 (USA)
Tommy Fynn, 42.66 (AUS)

Gold – Nyjah Huston
Silver – Kelvin Hoefler
Bronze – Shane O’neill

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Feature image credit: leximarkovic.com.au

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