X Games Sydney Day 2 Highlights

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The second day of X Games Sydney got underway in quintessential sunny Aussie conditions

Again, the locals were treated to the performance of a local hero when Gold Coast native Kyle Baldock added his tenth X Games medal at the inaugural X Games Sydney BMX Dirt. Claiming the silver medal, Baldock was out dueled by Poland’s Dawid Godziek, who posted a 90.33 to win gold on just the third overall run of the event. American Colton Walker rounded out the podium with a third-place finish.   

Photo credit: Oli Russell-Cowan

Moto X Freestyle

Next on the schedule was Moto X Freestyle, and with five of the 10 riders competing being Australians, there was no shortage of local intrigue. Aussies Josh Sheehan and Rob Adelberg seemed to have the top spots sewn up after their impressive runs, filled with double backflips and front flips, but Tom Pages swooped in on his last run to claim his second consecutive gold medal. Pulling off an impressive bike flip and alley oop 540, he left Sheehan and Adelberg to settle for silver and bronze, respectively.

Photo credit: Lexi Markovic

Photo credit: Lexi Markovic

Skateboard Big Air

Rounding out the offering on Day 2, the Big Air ramp provided Elliot Sloan with the opportunity to claim his 10th X Games medal and fourth gold medal. Landing an Indy 720 over the gap, into a backside 900 tail grab at 17 feet, five inches, he managed to hold off Brazilian Rony Gomes, who earned his first-ever X Games medal with a silver performance, and American Trey Wood, who took him his second consecutive bronze medal in the event.

Photo credit: Lexi Markovic

Photo credit: Lexi Markovic

Rony Gomes celebrating taking X Games Silver at Skateboarding Big Air. Photo credit: Lexi Markovic

Men’s Skateboarding Street Qualifier

Photo credit: Lexi Markovic

Photo credit: Lexi Markovic

X Games Sydney Day 2 Results

BMX Dirt Final

1. Dawid Godziek, 90.33 (POL)
2. Kyle Baldock, 86.00 (AUS)
3. Colton Walker, 83.00 (USA)
4. Kevin Peraza, 82.33 (USA)
5. Brandon Loupos, 81.66 (AUS)
6. Leandro Moreira, 80.00 (BRA)
7. Brian Fox, 76.66 (USA)
8. Jake Leiva, 72.33 (USA)
9. Logan Martin, 62.00 (AUS)
10. Pat Casey, 58.33 (USA)

Gold – Dawid Godziek
Silver – Kyle Baldock
Bronze – Colton Walker

Skateboard Big Air Final

1. Elliot Sloan, 95.66 (USA)
2. Rony Gomes, 94.00 (BRA)
3. Trey Wood, 91.33 (USA)
4. Clay Kreiner, 89.00 (USA)
5. Jake Brown, 78.00 (AUS)
6. Toby Ryan, 74.00 (USA)
7. Asher Bradshaw, 66.00 (USA)
8. Evan Doherty, 58.00 (USA)

Gold – Elliot Sloan
Silver – Rony Gomes
Bronze – Trey Wood

Moto X Freestyle Final

1. Tom Pages, 96.66 (FRA)
2. Josh Sheehan, 95.33 (AUS)
3. Rob Adelberg, 94.66 (AUS)
4. Taka Higashino, 93.33 (JPN)
5. Adam Jones, 89.33 (USA)
6. Pat Bowden, 88.66 (AUS)
7. Ryan Brown, 82.33 (AUS)
8. Libor Podmol, 77.33 (CZE)
9. Kyle Demelo, 76.66 (CAN)

Gold – Tom Pages
Silver – Josh Sheehan
Bronze – Rob Adelberg

Men’s Skateboard Street Qualifier

1. Luan Oliveira, 88.33 (BRA)
2. Ishod Wair, 86.00 (USA)
3. Tommy Fynn, 83.00 (AUS)
4. Alec Majerus, 80.66 (USA)
5. Ryan Decenzo, 78.00 (CAN)
6. Chris Joslin, 77.00 (USA)
7. Vincent Milou, 76.00 (FRA)
8. Jamie Foy, 73.66 (USA)
9. Trent McClung, 70.33 (USA)
10. Dashawn Jordan, 67.00 (USA)
11. Zion Wright, 64.66 (USA)
12. Alex Midler, 52.66 (USA)
13. Felipe Gustavo, 49.66 (BRA)
14. Ryder Lawson, 36.00 (AUS)
15. Carlos Ribeiro, 33.33 (BRA)
16. Brad Saunders, 32.66 (AUS)
17. Noah Nayef, 21.00 (AUS)
18. Tiago Lemos, 4.66 (BRA)

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Feature image credit: leximarkovic.com.au

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