The Winter Ski Festival Survival Kit Guide

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What You Need For A Ski Festival This Winter

Winter ski festivals continue to grow every year as people combine their annual ski holiday with a mountain festival for a non-stop party boot camp in the snow.

If you are a music festival fanatic struggling through the dark winter months then fear not. There is a new breed of festival around but first off all you need to learn to ski. Leave the sleeping bag and tent in hibernation and break out the salopettes, we’re off to the snow.

Here’s the SOP (standard operating procedure): Ski all day. Freak out to headline acts all night. Slope out of the after party at 5 am. Repeat.

Beware if you are planning a winter ski festival this winter as you’ll likely need another weeks holiday simply to recover. If you have a checklist for your run of the mill ski holiday then it will need updating to a winter ski festival survival list. There is a selection of things to consider before stuffing your suitcase full of ski kit.

Are you going to ski?

Increasing numbers of people a choosing to not even ski at their chosen winter festival as they do not want to miss out on anything. That’s some serious FOMO (fear of missing out)  to completely sack off skiing but each to their own.

If you are skiing how much will you actually be doing if you have a bounty of long nights and days planned you might not need to pay rental every single day.

Your lift pass may be included in a winter festival ticket price but if not you could pick your ski pass wisely. If you’re going to be a night owl up until 5 am are you really honestly going to be on first lifts every day? Maybe just plump for a few half day lift passes.

What time of year is the winter ski festival?

Temperatures in the mountains can differ immensely depending on the month and time of day. Early season festivals in December and January such as Rise Festival are conducive to cold temperatures, have you ever partied in -10°C at 2000 metres?

Equally, temperatures are on the up during March and April and you could be happy running around in a t-shirt during the day. Keep an eye on the sun if you are at Snowbombing or Snowboxx, when evening falls make sure you have a jacket nearby.

Rise Winter Ski Festival

Party on top of the world, Snow, Adventure & Wellness what more do you need.

When: December
Where: Les Deux Alpes, France

Snowbombing Winter Festival

Where to start… Mayrhofen, Austria, that’s where! Up a massive mountain 8,497 FT above ordinary.

When: April
Where: Mayrhofen, Austria

Snowboxx Winter Festival

Features including Igloo Raves, Human Bowling, Snowball Fights as well as the introduction of Mountainside Bottomless Brunches and Feast’s on the Piste

When: March
Where: Avoriaz, France

Winter Festival Survival Toolkit

There is a whole host of kit to think about for any ski holiday and a winter ski festival is going to require a few added extras if you want to fulfill the mountain party potential.

Headband – The headband is the mark of a seasoned apres-skier. It will help hide your helmet hair, keep your ears warm and sweat off your brow. Finally make it neon for added bonus points.

Suncream – You’re going to find some sunny spots, especially in April. The sun is strong with this one. Again add neon colours to be seen by cameras.

Sunglasses – Stay fresh with a good pair of shades. If you lose a pair there’s always a regular festival branded pair to be had.

Hip Flask – Sloe gin is a warming boost, seems like you need a hipflask to make sure you don’t get caught empty-handed on a chairlift.

Travel Insurance – Because most injuries happen after hours.

Passport – Are you going abroad?

Walkie Talkie – Keep yourself in contact the troop. FYI smartphones batteries die in the cold. Always.

Energy Drink – Have a can stashed for when you need it. You can always find a free stockpile somewhere in the snow.

Jagermeister – See above for a good time.

Fancy Dress – A killer outfit for the calculable fancy dress night. Don’t be the donkey’s ass.

Swagger – Bring your A-game. It’s a party at 2000 metres take it seriously.

GoPro – Gain leverage on your mates with some super slow motion from the night before.

Sombrero – Other juxtapositioned hats are available.

Swimming Costume – Spring festivals have one foot in winter and one foot in summer. As a result, there could be some sort of snowy beach party.

Can Do Attitude – You’re almost trying to fit two holidays into one. Not feeling sorry for yourself or life assessments, please.

Ski holidays administer a healthy dollop of adrenaline fuelled non-stop action, banter, and apres-ski but now things have been supercharged. Winter Ski Festivals combine music festival scale with apres-ski energy to produce unique feeling badass parties for participants to feel on top of the world. Literally.

Feature image credit: Fanatic

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Eliot Prince

Eliot can’t bare being anywhere else but on the snow when the lifts start whirring every winter, in fact summer is a scary prospect. First taught to ski by a Swiss farmer, he has gone on to work ski seasons in Europe and New Zealand. Despite living in constant winter for a while, making beds, pouring pints and fitting ski boots still meant missing powder days. Now combining industry expertise and journalism training he produces content for ski companies all over the world; never missing the opportunity for fresh tracks. You will always find him in a mountainous area come winter.


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