Win VIP Tickets To The Corona Bali Protected In Keramas, Bali

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Join The World’s Best Surfers At Keramas

The Corona Bali Protected will be kicking off the waiting period at Keramas on May 27 with the swell window until June 9, 2018. Indonesia has more world class waves than any other country and the WSL is investing heavily in this amazing country. In addition to the Corona Bali Protected directly after the event the second part of the Margaret River Pro is on at Uluwatu.

Indonesia will be also hosting ten WQS events in 2018 across the archipelago. This should give up-and-coming Indonesian surfers exposure to world class competitions and the opportunity to push for Championship Tour qualification.

The Wave

Keramas is considered one of the world’s best performance waves, with a barrelling top section followed by a wall just waiting to be carved. Depending on the tide, the wave also offers launchpad for big airs. It breaks close to the beach providing Pipeline-like viewing for spectators.

The Conditions

Keramas works best on the higher tide and in the mornings when the wind is offshore or calm. The WSL couldn’t have picked a better time to run the event with morning high tides at the start of the waiting period. The current forecast shows no lack of swell either. The onshore typically kicks in all afternoon so the contest will probably be on hold after lunch.

The Surfers To Look Out For

Filipe Toledo winner of the Oi Rio Pro on form leading into Keramas

In the men’s event, look for Filipe Toledo, Julian Wilson and John John Florence to make their way far into the contest. All three surfers have great technical tube riding skills, power turns and an air-game that suits this wave. Don’t be surprised if Joel Parkinson does well at Keramas too. He won the 2013 event and loves the wave.

In the women’s section, Stephanie Gilmore is red hot at the moment. Lakey Peterson and Carissa Moore could also do very well at Keramas, especially if the waves are solid.

Spectators Tips

Photo credit: Komune Resort

Bali traffic can be difficult so stay as close as you can to the contest site. There’s plenty of budget places near the beach, or you could splurge and stay at the Komune Resort. The Beach Club at Komune overlooks the wave and it’s where the “beautiful people” hang out. If you do surf the wave after the contest just be careful of the “beautiful people” in the water. Their pool-game of strutting around, displaying their gym sculptured bodies, and drinking cocktails is much more advanced than their wave sense!

Another accommodation option for Keramas is to stay in the southern outskirts of Ubud. Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali and the early morning drive to the contest site is only 20 minutes. There’s plenty to do for non-surfing partners and family members in Ubud. Mountain biking, white water rafting, cooking classes, yoga, and cultural experiences are a great way to keep the non-surfers entertained.


Rad Season has teamed up with Australia’s official airline of surfing AirAsia to offer a DOUBLE VIP PASS to the Corona Bali Protected in Keramas.

For your chance to win simply tag a friend in the comments below and follow Rad Season’s Facebook Page.

The Winner will be announced on May 27, 2018.

Good luck and keep frothing!

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