Win 4 days of Free Skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort, BC, Canada

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Fernie Alpine Resort Competition

Fernie in Canada with it’s six bowls is a huge mountain, but to see how big it actually is, I tried to ski as many different black and double black runs in two days (12 hours of skiing).

There’s 75 named diamond runs on the map and the first one I ticked off was Liftline in the Timber Bowl. Yes I did refrain from showing off on Hollywood Rock for the people on the chair!!

The powder is deep and I lined up early so got the first run down it. The plan is to ski like I normally do on a traditional powder day. Sticking to the steep stuff and furiously hitting as many runs before others poach them.

Town of Fernie. Photo by Henry Georgi

There’s a large number of diamond runs available off the White Pass Quad and this is the first area I focus on, ticking off Pillow Talk, Puff and the Quite Right. The Knot Chutes are skiing incredibly well. It’s a pity there is just one run named on the map because I would have loved to return and hit multiple lines through the cliff areas.

The Cedar Bowl

Cedar Bowl. Photo by Henry Georgi

Next up is the Cedar Bowl. The first run in this bowl ticks off Gotta Go and the Bootleg Glades. My son and I find a sweet untracked line in the glades and I give him the fresh track. (must be getting soft in my old age!)

Getting back up to the top of Cedar Bowl requires skiing down to the base and then two chairs. It’s not an efficient use of time and ski patrol have just finished avalanche bombing the Polar Peak. There’s 7 black and double blacks that hook back up with the Polar peak Chair. These runs are in a stunning open bowl and get steadily crossed off.

The Lizard Bowl

Bowl time. Photo Credit: Henry Georgi

The Lizard Bowl is up next up with a beautiful entry via the short but spectacular Saddle. The person who made the first descent on this one must still have a smile on their face.

Doing laps on the Boomerang Chair opens up numerous single black glade runs. Many of these are off camber which is a nice change from heading straight down the fall line. The mountain is famous for the big bowls but these tree runs are just another bow in Fernie’s quiver. There’s also some pretty amazeng terrain parks, but they are for another day.

By now, to access new runs is getting harder. It’s requiring hiking, long traverses or multiple lifts. The thing is, these runs are some of my favourite ones.

The views from the hard-to-get-to runs are spectacular and the snow is in great shape.

By the end of the two days, I’ve skied in all the bowls and fell in love with Fernie.

How to Enter

How many different black and double blacks were skied? Put your answer in the comments section for a chance to win 4 days of skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort and a year’s membership in Big Adventure Club Tag a friend and if they win you should be able to get at least half the prize!

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