Visiting Bangkok during Songkran

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Songkran in Bangkok: The Greatest Water Fight In The World

Songkran is Thailand’s annual New Year celebration, which takes place across three days in April. Also known as the world’s biggest water fight, the city of Bangkok practically shuts down for the long weekend. All local shops and restaurants are closed as the owners and families are all celebrating Songkran and many of them go back to their home towns to celebrate. Only malls and pop up restaurants that can be found near the celebration are open. 

Photo credit: Oli Russell-Cowan

“This festival has to be one of the funniest mass participation events not only in Thailand but the entire world!”

It’s like when you were a kid having a water fight with your friends in the backyard or against a neighbour, but on the biggest scale possible; with over 8 million people to be exact! 

Photo credit: Oli Russell-Cowan

Celebrating Songkran is fun for everyone, from the youngsters to the elderly; most kids love to throw buckets of ice cold water on the tourists! To celebrate, we visited Silom and Khao San Road. Silom was great but super busy and hectic near Hooters, but more families could be found on the rest of Silom Road.

Photo credit: Oli Russell-Cowan

The locals sell water pistols in all sizes and ice water to refill. More ice and water is delivered throughout the day as the celebrations continue. Your inner child is guaranteed to be unleashed during Songkran as everyone is spraying each other. 

Our two-year-old Theo was not impressed when he got too wet, but most people are gentle and generally only spray the feet and with minimal power. On the other hand, he went all in with his own mini water pistol and was spraying anyone and everyone! He became obsessed with his water pistol and continue spraying all the people around him in the following days. 

Photo credit: Oli Russell-Cowan

Rad Tips

Clothing: Wear swim shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. While it is a water fight, it is also a religious celebration and it is important to dress appropriately. Bring goggles to protect your eyes during the water fights.

Valuables: Do not bring any valuables to the event that could get damaged and/or stolen. Invest in a waterproof case or use a ziplock bag to keep your phone dry during the water fight while still being able to capture all the action. Avoid bringing professional cameras but bring a GoPro if you have one. 

Water Pistols: You can find people selling water pistols of all shapes and sizes on the street. Make sure to empty your water pistol before getting on the train. 

Visiting Bangkok during Songkran was definitely an unforgettable experience. We were able to fully immerse ourselves into the culture and celebrate one of the biggest interactive celebrations in the world while exploring a brand new city. In 2020, Songkran will be celebrated from April 13-15. 

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