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Travel Insurance

We are thrilled to partner with SafetyWing to provide world-class travel medical insurance that is sure to give you peace of mind as you go on your exciting adventures abroad. SafetyWing’s insurance policies fit perfectly to the Rad Season mantra – adventure-seekers who want to discover the world’s most epic events, action sports and adventure-fuelled destinations where they can live, work and play.  

Whether you like traveling for days or months at a time, SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance has got you covered. Travelers from all over the world, remote workers and young kids included, are covered outside of your home country. Should it be time to head back home, limited time coverage to your home country is provided. With both medical and travel benefits, travel medical insurance doesn’t get better than SafetyWing.

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Why Rad Travelers Love SafetyWing

Sign up even from abroad

Hassle-free payments through automatic subscriptions or upfront payment – your choice!

Stop automatic extensions anytime

Includes coverage for many Rad Season activities, contracting COVID-19 during your trip, quarantine, other sicknesses and accidents 

Comprehensive coverage for adrenaline junkies, families, and digital nomads 

Peace of mind for unforeseen medical and travel circumstances 

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The Smart Traveller’s Choice

These days, travel insurance should no longer be considered an after-thought. It’s simply critical to the success and safety of rad experiences. Digital nomads, adventure enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies… accidents and unforeseen circumstances don’t spare anyone. That’s why SafetyWing provides Nomad Insurance, providing affordable yet comprehensive coverage that caters to an impressive array of sports and activities to travelers all over the globe.

Smart travelers know that travel delays, unexpected illnesses, contracting COVID-19 during a bucket-list festival, and unpredictable natural disasters may be inevitable during exciting excursions while you are outside of your home country. And that’s why they go with SafetyWing: they’ve got your back covered. Should you need to make a claim or have a medical emergency, just call their 24/7 hotline or claims department for assistance. 

What does SafetyWing Nomad Insurance cover?

Medical Insurance

Nothing ruins a trip like an accident that sends you to the hospital, where bills can run high faster than a marathon. Unexpected injuries, illnesses, and eligible doctor/hospital/prescription medicine fees will be covered, as well as emergencies including medical evacuations and lost luggage.

Travel Insurance

Natural and political disasters, travel delays, and trip interruptions can all rack up a serious bill. Getting insured ahead of time can help you solve these problems while ensuring that you are taken care of.


SafetyWing coverage treats COVID-19 the same as any other illness, as long as you contracted it after the coverage start date. Quarantine outside of your home for a maximum of 10 days is also covered as long as you have signed up for Nomad Insurance for at least 28 days, and the quarantine has been mandated by a government authority or medical physician.

Adventure Activities

Whether you’re snowboarding in Austria or accidentally injured yourself at a gym during your holiday, be prepared with the right insurance. Accidents can cost so much more when you’re abroad, but with Nomad Insurance, you’re covered.

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Should I get travel insurance from SafetyWing?

SafetyWing is unparalleled in the travel insurance industry. They are renowned for their responsiveness, affordability, and ease of use – no wonder they’re trusted by thousands of remote workers and adventure lovers worldwide. 

It’s well-known that we love traveling, but we are also more than familiar with the unexpected accidents that can happen abroad. We can be as careful as possible, but there are still going to by unpredictable and unexpected elements that can easily ruin a trip – and drain your bank account. With SafetyWing, you’re more equipped to handle any circumstance with ease.


Do I need medical insurance?

No worries if you forgot to buy travel insurance before you left home – SafetyWing can still be purchased after you’ve left. Once you sign up, you can choose to pay upfront or on subscription basis, automatically transferring payment every 28 days until you have decided to cancel. Once you 364 days have already passed, you will be given the option to renew. Nomad Insurance has everything you need to make the most out of your adventures, knowing that someone will back you up even outside your home country.

For more information or to start building your policy, just contact the SafetyWing team direct or visit SafetyWing.

The details provided on this webpage are for information only. Always read the description of cover contained within your policy to ensure it is suitable for your needs.

travel insurance covers travel to dangerous and isolated places 

Do I need travel insurance?

Remote workers, frequent travelers, adrenaline junkies, and all kinds of rad travelers are catered to by SafetyWing. If you need to be hospitalized, you can choose to go to any licensed medical provider, public or private hospital. They also have a referral network where you can 

Thinking about what could go wrong isn’t the brightest moment of planning your next big trip, however it is one of the most important. 

If you need anything, simply call their 24/7 assistance hotline.

SafetyWing: consider them your wingman in safety.



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