6 Epic Things To Do In Bulgaria

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Local’s guide to the best things to do in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has so much to offer. Situated on the western side of the Black Sea, close to Romania, Serbia, Greece and Turkey, it might be a small country but there are a lot of remarkable lands to explore. One of the best things is that its small territory allows you to hike a mountain and go sea kayaking the next day. From stunning mountains, beautiful golden sand beaches, hiking & biking itineraries to modern art, UNESCO Heritage Sites and great winter sports opportunities. This country would fascinate you. Here are 6 of the best things to do in Bulgaria.


The Seven Rila Lakes are the most visited and spectacular lakes in Bulgaria. A real natural beauty. They are a group of glacial lakes, situated between 2100 – 2500 metres elevation in the Rila Mountains.

Rila is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and a “must do” for everyone – local or foreign visitor.  The lakes are situated about 1 hour and a half drive from the capital Sofia. They are kids and family friendly cause at the bottom you can take a lift every 30 minutes. It’s a great beginning if you are at the lift at 8 in the morning. This way you would skip the queues and have a whole day to enjoy the beauty of the lakes.

Before you go, check the weather and the lift working hours. The crystal clear waters and the mountain views would captivate you from your very first step there. You can check and book a great 7 Rila Lakes Hiking and Spa Day tour from Sofia. Make sure to also visit Rila Monastery – the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria, which was included in the List of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.


Kayaking is always a good idea when it comes to great adventures. To become even better you could combine sea kayaking with some sightseeing. If it sounds appealing, Kayak Trip Kavarna is the perfect choice for you.

It’s situated in Kavarna, next to Bolata Beach and Tyulenovo Cave on the Northern Black Sea. Furthermore, Galin – the Tour Guide would make your adventure even more amazing. He’s extremely passionate and helpful and has a lot to tell you and show you about sea kayaking and the region. Get ready to enjoy the trip and also visit Cape Kaliakra. You can check available sea kayaking dates and prices and book in advance.


Fly Near Plovdiv

How does it feel to fly close by the oldest continually inhabited lands in Europe? It’s just amazingggg. Make sure to visit the city of Plovdiv. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Sofia and it’s a must-see. Moreover, you could also see a bit of the region from the sky.

Situated at Belozem, Plovdiv Air offers pilot trainings and 10 to 30 minutes flights with an airplane or a hot air balloon.


You can’t leave Bulgaria if you haven’t visited Plovdiv. Discover thousands of years of history, modern art, contemporary events, art districts, Thracian, Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine remnants and massive pieces of art.

For some people, it’s Bulgaria’s hidden gem – it has tons of history, culture, events to offer. And it is going to be a European capital of culture for 2019. There are many concerts and world cultural events you could join.  If you are keen you can book your Plovdiv tour. I do believe you would be utterly enchanted.


Snowboarding in Bulgaria

You are already familiar that the Rila Mountains has a lot to offer during the summer season. It’s also a perfect destination for winter sports, too.

You could go skiing and snowboarding during the day and enjoy a great spa late afternoon at your spa hotel. If you plan to stay for a couple of days you could check for more and diverse hotels at the region on the map below for the best hotel deals and Airbnb’s in the area.

If you would like to discover the second-highest mountain range and maybe the most beautiful mountain in Bulgaria, you should definitely go to Pirin and go skiing, mountain biking, hiking or snowboarding in Bansko – a town at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, part of Pirin National Park. It’s about 2 hours drive from Sofia to southwestern Bulgaria. There are also great spa resorts like Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena.


Enjoy a mountain view from the edge of a hill while riding a horse. It’s a real adventure for true nature lovers. If you visit Plovdiv, make sure to visit also another Bulgarian mountain which is very close to the city. Its name is Rhodope mountains and it is situated about an hour from Plovdiv.

You could go for a walk, have a picnic, relax at some picturesque mountain villa or go horse riding. You could ride for 2 hours or 2 days. It’s up to you and your adventurous spirit.  Konna Baza Stella would welcome you and show you the region and its nature and cultural heritage. Check the itineraries and prices here.

How do you like Bulgaria so far? There are so many things to do and places to see and experience. It can be your perfect adventure tourism destination. But once you visit, make sure to find out more about its history because it is ancient and beautiful. And it has a lot to offer.

Tasting Bulgarian cuisine can be an awesome adventure, too and should be on your list of things to do in Bulgaria. I can assure you every Bulgarian meal tastes so delicious. Ask for Bulgarian Banitsa, Shopska Salata and Rakiya :).

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