The Ultimate Music Festival to-do List!

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FVDED in the Park is a 2 day music festival in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the festival mostly due to the fact it’s all ages and it’s in Surrey, BC a city that doesn’t draw in the best crowd. Nonetheless it brought a crowd of 40,000 people and headlined the Chainsmokers, Wiz Khalifa, Partynextdoor, and Dillon Francis.

I wanted to experience it for myself and also film something different and creative. Through my video content in the past I was able to snag a media pass. I wanted to film something fun, something on my own terms. So I did just that. I made a list.

The Ultimate Festival To-do list

1. Crowd surf
2. Get Backstage
3. Kiss a stranger
4. Join a mosh pit
5. Put a girl on my shoulders
6. Film some boobs
7. Shotgun a beer
8. Take a selfie with the Chainsmokers
9. Light one up with Wiz Khalifa
10. _________ (A blank to be made on the spot. which became “After Party”)

I actually hadn’t been to many festivals, so this all to be honest was kind of new to me. I went to the festival alone but luckily enough ran into a dude I knew off Instagram, Isaac. Which is funny cause now Isaac and I are good buddies. He helped me check off the list as he and I shot the acts. It was a blast and even though at times I felt like I wasn’t going to complete the list, I pushed through it and tried harder. I wish I caught a little bit more of the struggle on camera. But in the end, I was able to complete the list.

On the way home, one of my friends texted me saying to come to an after party, I was so tired, but he some how convinced me to go, and it was the best way to end the video (I’ll make you watch to see what had happened). In the end I had a blast at the festival and I think it shows through the video. This just goes to show that despite the crowd that may have been there, there’s always a way to have fun if you just get a little creative.

That was my first festival I had ever filmed. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to do contract work at Chicago’s Lollapalooza, San Fransisco’s Outside Lands, and coming up shortly I will be filming at Lost Lake in Arizona. For more video content subscribe at Andrew Santos.


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Andrew Santos

Andrew is filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada with a passion for action sports. When he's not behind the camera you can find him riding his bike or snowboarding on the local hills. In 2016 Andrew joined Global Degree, a YouTube series documenting a trip around the world. Since then he has visited 38 countries in Europe and continuing to travel.


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