10 Of The Best Places To Skydive Around The World

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Where Are The Best Places To Skydive?

Skydiving. It’s on the bucket lists of thrill-seekers, travellers, soccer mums, seniors, kids, well, just about everyone looking for an extreme adventure. While some many not care where they skydive, others may want to jump over the most beautiful skydiving destination possible.

Remember, doing a tandem skydive is a fantastic way to see an entire region in all its glory. Being 14,000 feet (or higher!) above the earth allows an entirely different perspective, not to mention some stunning shots to share on social media.

So, if you want to do a mind-blowing, visually-spectacular jump, here are the world’s 10 best places to skydive. Ready, steady, go.

1. Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Image by Skydive Franz

“This could be the most scenic jump you ever do.” That’s what Lonely Planet had to say about skydiving over Franz Josef Glacier with the team at Skydive Franz. Laying claim to New Zealand’s highest skydive – 19,000 feet with an epic 75 seconds of free-fall, not only will you get the rush of your life, you’ll also get incredible views of the Southern Alps.

Where to go skydiving in Franz Josef Glacier: Skydive Franz

2. Rottnest Island, Australia

Image by Skydive Geronimo

Seeing Perth’s island playground from above lets you know just how beautiful the Indian Ocean’s little gem really is. Skydive Geronimo are the only company to offer jumps over Rottnest Island, Western Australia’s only island skydive. Choose from heights between 8,000-15,000 feet; from an airplane or from a luxury helicopter. After landing on a perfect white sand beach, be sure to say hello to those selfie-loving quokkas. Say cheese.

Where to go skydiving in Rottnest Island: Skydive Geronimo

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It’s where the celebrities do their skydives and it’s no wonder. The visuals over The Palm are impressive. If you’ve got $750 AUD (exchange rates will vary price) to throw down on a tandem skydive from 13,000 feet where you may share a plane ride with the rich and beautiful people of Hollywood and beyond, get on it.

Where to go skydiving in Dubai: Skydive Dubai

4. Whistler, Canada

When the snow is gone and the skis are put away, the next best way to experience Whistler is by jumping out of a plane above it. Whistler Skydiving’s seasonal drop zone is located in the Pemberton Valley, a 33-kilometre drive north-east of Whistler Village. On your jump you’ll see views of the Canadian Rockies that stretch for days. If you’re travelling to Canada between May and September, this is the top pick for a beautiful Canadian skydive.

Where to go skydiving in Whistler: Whistler Skydiving

5. Grand Canyon, USA

Image by Condé Nast Traveler

Stuff hiking around the perimeter or taking selfies from a look-out, here’s your chance to take your Tommy tourist adventures to new heights. Doing a skydive over one of America’s most famous landscapes has to be the top choice for tourists (and locals) visiting the Grand Canyon. Paragon Skydive operates out of the Grand Canyon National Park Airport with transportation available from Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Where to go skydiving in the Grand Canyon: Paragon Skydive

6. Uluru, Australia

In the centre of Australia’s red dirt outback sits the majestic Uluru, the land mass also known as Ayers Rock. Seeing Uluru from the air is a breathtaking experience, even more so if you see it during free-fall at sunrise or sunset. Jumping with Skydive Uluru over Australia’s most epic icon will be a magical memory to last you a lifetime (and the envy of your friends).

Where to go skydiving in Uluru: Skydive Uluru

7. Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

Image by www.myswissalps.com

If you were asked to name Europe’s most beautiful place to skydive, there’s a high chance Switzerland would come to mind. The Lauterbrunnen Valley is the chosen playground for many extreme sports fans so not only will you get a gorgeous skydive in the middle of snow-capped mountain peaks, there’s good possibility of brushing shoulders with skydiving and base-jumping elite. ‘The Valley’ is a popular stop for travellers looking for classic Swiss scenes and vibes, which it has in abundance. Skydive Lauterbrunnen definitely gets a double tick for one of the world’s most beautiful skydiving destinations.

Where to go skydiving in Lauterbrunnen: Skydive Lauterbrunnen

8. Koror, Palau, Micronesia

Sitting quietly in the Pacific Ocean between the Philippines and Papa New Guinea is the Micronesian island of Palau. A tandem jump with Skydive Palau means stunning views of the country’s Rock Islands, of which there are hundreds. The famous islands are lush and so completely covered with trees, they look like they’ve been carpeted. Plonked in light blue and green reef-filled waters they offer a uniquely beautiful backdrop on your tandem skydive.

Where to go skydiving in Palau: Skydive Palau

9. Nadi, Fiji

Image by Skydive Fiji

Ramp up your tropical island holiday with a jump with Skydive Fiji. From high altitudes you’ll see hundreds of tiny islands sitting pretty in the South Pacific Ocean. You can even choose to land on one of the outer islands. It’s always shorts and t-shirt weather in Nadi, even at 14,000 feet above the ground. Jump. Smile. Scream. Say Bula.

Where to go skydiving in Fiji: Skydive Fiji

10. Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, attracts people who want to push themselves to their limits, and beyond. The Himalayas are arguably the most epic and beautiful range in the world so it makes perfect sense for Mount Everest to be a skydiving destination. Jumps with Everest Skydive can be booked for October or November each year by solo skydivers and tandem passengers. A view this breathtaking comes with a hefty price tag: tandem skydive packages start from $25,000.

Where to go skydiving in Nepal: Everest Skydive

Wow, we live in an amazing world. A world where we can travel and experience a place’s beauty through a skydive. For you, skydiving may just be something you do once. For others, it will change their lives and encourage them to live large. And maybe even set off in search of their own version of the world’s most beautiful skydiving destinations.

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2 thoughts on “10 Of The Best Places To Skydive Around The World

  1. Ana Muzin says:

    This list is perfect! It makes us wanna skydive at all of these places. There was one amazing place in Brazil missing, though: Foz do Iguaçu! The view during the jump is wonderful, you can see the largest hydroelectric power plant of the world, Itaipu Dam. Thanks!

  2. Jane Solds says:

    These are all breathtaking places and to see them from the bird’s perspective must be awesome! We tried skydiving in the heart of Europe in historical downtown of Prague. Once in a lifetime experience! https://www.outdoorvisit.com/tour/216-prague-tandem-skydiving-adventure/

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