The Best Underground Bars In Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Nightlife Guide To Phnom Penh, Cambodia

You wouldn’t know from first glance but the capital city of Cambodia has a booming nightlife scene just as cool as anything back in the western world.

Do yourself a favor and leap into a night full of hipster delight amongst expats and locals alike. From high-class speakeasies to alternative dive bars and the new rage of microbars that have taken Phnom Penh by storm – you would swear you’ve been transported to New York.

Although a lot of travellers seem to pass through this inconspicuous city, you’re doing yourself and your taste buds a real disfavor if you haven’t checked out the incredible bars below.

Hipster & Dive Bars in Phnom Penh

There’s something to say about nostalgia, cheap drinks, vinyl and alternative scenes. In every great city, if you look hard enough you will find a little watering hole that not only fits your wallet but will feel like a slice of home. Whether you’re into art, craft beer or heavy metal, you can’t go wrong with these budget-friendly dive bars.

Zeppelin Cafe

Photo Credit: Zeppelin Cafe

If there’s one thing I love, it’s cheap drinks, cool vibes with heavy metal played on vinyl all night. If you’ve never gotten over the 70s and 80s, you’ll love Zeppelin Café. With their new and larger space, you’ll be transcended back to the good ol’ days with retro furniture, a plethora of records to drool over as well as a pool table and a stage for live performances.

Address: #13 Street 278, Phnom Penh

Long After Dark

Just a few whiskies to choose from. Photo Credit: Long After Dark

Although trendy and reasonably known given its location in the Russian Market, this spot shouldn’t be missed. With over 170 vinyls on deck, live sets, over 65 types of whisky, craft beers and cocktails for every taste bud – you’ve got everything you need and then some.

If you’re craving some food with all those drinks, they’ve got you covered too with many options to choose from including vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Address: #86, street 450 Russian Market

Speakeasy Bars in Phnom Penh


Chill out and and relax at BattBong Bar. Photo credit: BattBong

If you want the ultimate speakeasy experience, behind the Coca Cola machine, you will find Battbong where you can order tapas and drinks in a cozy and dim lit setting with chilled out music.

Address: 132 Z13, 51 St 55

Dance Till You Drop


Salsa the night away at Doors. Photo credit: Doors

If you like to dance, look no further than Doors where the décor is vintage and street art is hung on the walls. Here you can enjoy every genre of music, which is different by the day. They host life music by local and international artists with a heavy sound system and large dance floor to ensure you don’t spill your exclusive cocktail created by mixologist Dan Hassan.

Address: No. 18 Street, 47 & 48

Micro Bars in Phnom Penh: All The Expat Rage

Microbars have become all the rage and “stylish boozing” is the adulting version of the mid 20s hipster. Microbars are tiny little specialty bars decorated just right with top quality drinks and dishes left to leave your taste buds soaring (for a price of course – but trust me, its worth it.)

Four words: Head straight to Bassac Lane.
Address: Street 308 (Bassac Lane)

The Library

Photo by Matt Baddley of Kampuchea Party Republic

Love Books? This cozy microbar is full of them and their cocktails are some of the best in Phnom Penh. Be sure to try their espresso martini and passion fruit spirit.

Hangar 44

Hot Bikes and Cold Beers but more could you ask for at Hangar 44. Photo credit: Hangar 44

Half micro bar, half motorcycle showroom, this badass microbar dishes out cool rides, fresh local beers and an array of cocktails.

Address: 44 Bassac Lane


Come by and check out the cocktails range at Cicada. Photo credit: Cicada

Stop by this classy and elegantly designed micro bar for the best gins from around the world. Their kaffir lime leaf gin is beyond delicious.

Feature image: Exploring the night markets and bars in Phnom Penh. Photo credit: Anthony Tong Lee

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  1. Henri Maire says:

    Nice selection but you forgot Dodo Bar the French Flavored Rum Bar in street 136. Then your selection would have been perfect. But nobody’s perfect…

    1. Rad Season says:

      Thanks for the heads up Henri. Cheers 🙂

  2. Michael Naylor-Hodgkinson says:

    Hi, please mention the Back street bar in the alleyway at #43 Sothearos Boulevard. It never gets full recognition in these articles and it should.

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