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Which obstacle run is right for you?
Guide to which obstacle run to do If you've tackled a 5k, half marathon, or other running race and are looking for something a little more unique, odds are you've thought about doing an obstacle run. You're not alone—according to USA Today, an estimated 4.5 million Americans participated in some…
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WarriorDash wall climb
What is Warrior Dash? The Warrior Dash is an epic race in which you will have to tackle anywhere from 10-13 obstacles over a typical Warrior Dash course distance of 5-6K. You’ll be crawling through mud, hurling yourself over walls, swinging by your arms, grunting and growling as you use…
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Training for obstacle races with two-time Warrior Dash World Champion Max King
Obstacle Race Training With Max King Don't feel bad—you're competitive. Sure, it may seem like everyone else wants to do obstacle races just for fun, but to you, winning is the fun part! If you're not content to go for completion the next time you run a Warrior Dash, Spartan…
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