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the best Food Festivals In Serbia
Gastronomic Paradise: Food Festivals In Serbia The cult of tasty organic foods and unusual flavor combinations became one of the symbols of the Slavic nations. Along with Serbian people festive nature, and heavy drinking traditions, it’s only natural that they’ve come up with numerous events celebrating their unique delicacies and…
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Balkan Festivals music festivals in serbia, croatia and bulgaria
Balkans Festivals: Where to go and what to know Welcome to the Balkans, the land of party, laughing and trouble-free philosophy in spite of the harsh weather and not so bright past. People in the Balkans are good in two things: partying and complaining. They mostly complain about not having…
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kopaonik ski resort serbia. Photo credit banjeusrbiji.com
Unique winter break in Serbia's largest ski resort, Kopaonik This ski resort was quite popular in the early eighties, but the war that broke out in Yugoslavia in 1991 drove most of the tourists away. Luckily, bad times have come to an end, and Kopaonik was reintroduced to skiers 10…
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