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Gary Fisher inventor of the mountain bike and founder of Fisher Bicycle
Gary Fisher, the GodFather of Mountain Biking and Founder of Fisher Bicycle Gary Fisher grew up in Beverly Hills then moved to San Francisco, California riding road bikes as a kid and persuaded the Belmont Bike Club to let him join them. This opened up his world to racing bikes taking…
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Davi Birks HKT Podcast
Davi Birks is a Mountain Bike Distribution Company Owner, Podcast Creator and Host of The HKT Podcast Growing up in the UK, Davi ended up riding motocross as a kid and had always been surrounded by two-wheels. He started his first business a Campervan company at 22 with his cousin.…
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Mountain Bike Accessories You Can't Live Without
So what mountain bike accessories do you need to have? Mountain biking definitely requires a steep initial investment - after all, some high-end bikes can cost more than a nice car, but once you’re dialed in, riding is free! That being said, there are a couple of mountain bike accessories…
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