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Ian Cairns Kanga Surfing Legend & Co-Founder of Surfing.com
Ian Cairns is the original power surfer, coach, entrepreneur and co-founder of World of Waves TV Show and Surfing.com.  Growing up surfing in Western Australia provided Ian Cairns otherwise known as Kanga as a 13 year old grom with the perfect training ground for the huge waves in Hawaii where…
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Nic von Rupp Interview on Brusco
Pro Surfer Nic von Rupp launches Portuguese Brand Brusco Portuguese pro surfer Nic von Rupp known for his big waves antics at famed Nazaré, has just launched new surf wear brand Brusco at the Surf Out trade show in Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal over the weekend. We caught up with Nic…
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Spectators at Nazaré
“Climbers have Everest, surfers have Nazaré.” António Silva – Portuguese big wave surfer What started as a purple blob in the middle of the Atlantic turned into one of the best days of competitive big wave surfing that Nazaré, and the world, has ever seen. The real action, however, was…
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