Adventures in the South Pacific Islands

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Where to go and what to do in the South Pacific Islands

Pristine blue waters, more than 7,500 islands and a tropical climate are reason enough to choose the South Pacific for your next vacation. With beautiful beaches and a fascinating water world, the South Pacific Islands are just the right place for all the water adventure aficionados. However, the islands offer so much more than just a relaxing vacation under the sun. From forest adventures, through canoeing and kayaking, you can get to know the adventurous side of the South Pacific as well.

Forest adventures

Start your exploratory vacation with a forest adventure in Fiji. Zipline through the breathtaking nature and enjoy the outdoors while you learn a variety of new interesting stuff. The knowledgeable tour guides will offer you a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll cherish forever. You’ll fly over gurgling waterfalls, while enjoying the wonders of the spectacular tropical rainforest. You’ll have the chance to see some of the most beautiful parrots, butterflies and numerous tropical wonders that you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world.

Vanuatu offers an array of captivating activities, and one of them includes a scenic drive to Eden on the River. Once you’ve spent time marvelling the wonders of the pristine natural environment, you’ll have the chance to walk over the Bridges of Eden and explore the magnificent forest. Walking over three suspension bridges ranging from 23 to 52 meters long and between 2 to 4 meters above the river, this harnessed tour is just the right choice for all of those who want a challenging field trip in a forest. Stay tuned for the longest waterslide that is being built there.

Explore the fauna and flora at New Caledonia’s zip line. It is a great escape that will take you through the trees near the Dumbea river.

Zipline through the forest in New Caledonia

Canoe and Kayak Adventures

If you’d like to enjoy the picturesque Riri River, riding aboard a calming wooden dug-out canoe is the perfect choice. You’ll have the chance to witness all the spectacles of the green jungle spot, a plethora of charming birdlife and maybe even see some native fish in the water. After the canoe ride, you can also take a dip and freshen up before the trip ends.

New Caledonia will provide you with a thrilling kayaking experience. If you’re into eco-friendly tourism as well as exciting trips, a tour down the Dumbea River will be a real treat for you. Flowing through the beautiful mineral rich hills, the Dumbea offers a unique kayaking experience, allowing you to see all the gorgeous eucalyptus forests, as well as indigenous flora.

Dumbea River, New Caledonia

Snorkelling in the South Pacific 

If you’re looking for a little piece of paradise mixed with various adventurous outings, Mystery Island is the place for you. Snorkelling in Mystery Island is a true delight, since you’ll have the chance to see many beautiful fish, such as sergeant major, parrot fish and moon wrasse, as well as musk, grey, and mustard corals, Christmas tree worms, and sea slugs.

All the snorkelling aficionados will find Amedee Island ideal for an adventurous holiday. From the glass boat tours of the reef, through sarong tying demonstrations, your day will be filled with amazing activities, including a thrilling snorkelling session. The pristine waters of the South Pacific will offer you a clear view at all the gorgeous species of the underwater world, offering you a captivating experience you’ll never forget.

How to get there

If you’ve decided to have a thrill-seeking vacation in the South Pacific Islands, going by a plane is one option. However, if you’d like to have a more exhilarating experience, going on a cruise is a much better choice. Look for affordable offers on Pacific island cruises and end this year with an exciting vacation.

Getting around the South Pacific Islands

If you’d like to explore the islands on your own, renting a bike would be a good idea. However, you can also walk, instead of spending money on rented vehicles or buses. If you decide to visit New Caledonia, the best time to travel is usually between September and March, since the temperatures don’t go over 28 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in Fiji are pretty constant all year long, but the peak season is between July and September.

Final thoughts

Spending an adventurous vacation in the South Pacific is a unique experience, and you should definitely consider it for one of your upcoming holidays. From Fiji, to New Caledonia, there is a myriad of gorgeous islands just waiting for you to explore them. Enjoy the spectacular rainforests, swim with the colourful fish and go kayaking, canoeing or ziplining in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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