Rad Spotlight: Neil Rutter World Bog Snorkelling Champion

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The Fastest Man in the Bog – World Bog Snorkelling Champion, Neil Rutter 

We got the chance to get the lowdown from world champ Neil Rutter, the fastest man in the bog at the Rude Health World Bog Snorkelling Championships. Neil picked up his 3rd world title in a row finishing the 60 yard course in a time of 1 minute and 21 seconds in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales. We caught up with Neil just after his race.

Oli Russell-Cowan from Rad Season: Neil, congratulations on your performance! This is your third time here?

Neil Rutter: Third time, yeah.

And three wins?

Well, two wins and a reasonable time. Let’s hope it is.

How are you feeling?

All right. I got to the end of the race and my legs are absolutely done. I really suffered in the last part of it this time. It’s really really tough. I just tied up. I think I got out of my rhythm a little bit, swallowed a little bit of water and then sort of struggled. And suddenly, what was going nice and quick became a real slog towards the end, but I made it and it’s still a decent time. Let’s see if it stands.

Pretty quick. How is it different compared to last year and the previous year?

Well, this is like the first year I did it. A group of us, myself, and all my friends turned up the first year. We all had a little go. It was just a gorgeous day like it is today. Beautiful scenery. Everywhere you look is absolutely stunning. It’s so surreal that there’s a race happening in a bog right there. That was the first year. Last year is was absolutely teeming it down. So very very different to the scene of my victory last year, which obviously inspired a bit more speed somehow. Or maybe the idea of getting in and out really quick was more pleasant last year. I don’t know.

Are you coming back next year or this the last time? 

I do feel a little bit like I’ve completed it. If I manage to hold on for the win today, fingers-crossed, then for me, three, that seems pretty reasonable. I’m not going to rule out coming back but I don’t know maybe I’ll have a go at some fancy dress or something.

As quirky events and competitions go is there anything else that you’ve got your eye on? 

Well, I did my proper ‘sports’ and this seems to have overshadowed all of those. So, maybe, I don’t know, maybe nettle eating or something like that. Definitely not cheese rolling everyone seems to cartwheel down and break everything.

I was at cheese rolling earlier this year. I didn’t do it, I was filming and it was pretty crazy.

Give me another couple of decades and let my face get more rubbery I’m definitely up for the Gurning Championships.

Good stuff. Cool! Thanks Neil. 

Get the behind the scenes info from our chat with the event organiser Bob Greenough from Green events.

Check out the highlights from the Rude Health Bog Snorkelling Championships below:

Photos by Oli Russell-Cowan

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