Rad Season’s European Tour Part 2

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The Summer Tour Continues

The first five events of my European Summer Tour was nothing short of a success. Traveling around the world with my family and attending these epic events has really opened the floodgates to what Rad Season is all about. The world’s go-to hub for the best action sports, cultural festivals and adventure-based events on planet earth. Although the first several festivals were an incredible start, I’m stoked to keep the train rolling as I embark on another set of five action-packed events in Europe with my wife Kat and son Theo!

Rad’s European Tour Part 2

1. Donauinselfest – Vienna, Austria

How about attending one of the world’s largest open air concerts for free? Although I wish I had the hookup, the free admission is for everyone. The event takes place in the Austrian capital of Vienna where an epic three-day festival will throw down 10 different stages featuring local bands and world-famous names.

The event is going to have 600 hours of musical performances with 1,500 acts. Even though I wouldn’t mind staying for each set, the biggest interest to me is experiencing more of what of Europe’s most chillest cities has to offer. Vienna is known for its cultural vibrancy, amazing nightlife and sightseeing. Looking forward to attacking it as a part family man, part party animal.

2. Haro Wine Festival – Haro, Spain

Spain has always been a meaningful destination for me. I used to study there a few years back and my father has lived there for over 25 years. If not for the incredible scenery or delicious wine, then it’s the crazy festivals that drew me to this awesome country. The perfect combination awaits during my second stop at Haro Wine Festival.

It’s considered one of the wildest food fights in the world and will easily be a top cultural event I’ll ever attend. Additionally, it’s got massive history behind the event dating back over 400 years. I can not wait to immerse myself within the atmosphere of this local street party that will be buzzin’ all day long.

3. Running of the Bulls – Pamplona, Spain

If you are an adventure-seeking junkie like me, there is absolutely no way you could miss the Running of the Bulls festival in Spain. This is a major bucket list event and one of my most coveted spots on my Euro Summer Tour. The three-part fiesta known as the San Fermin Festival kicks off after the launch of the Txupinazo rocket. Those attending immediately begin their onslaught of eating and drinking for the next nine days.

Despite the incredible food and drink selection the real party begins when the bulls are released behind several dozen participants attempting to run for their lives. Not sure if Kat would be too keen on letting me get in front of those beasts, but I want a crack at the glory especially after studying the survivor’s guide to the running of the bulls.. Can not wait!

4. Atlas Weekend – Kiev, Ukraine

By this time during our trip it will be nice to relax and enjoy the awesome summer weather at the multi-day party known as The Atlas Weekend. Kat and Theo will be over in Lisbon with her parents so I’ll be taking on the event solo. Even so, the festival caters to all ages with endless entertainment and activities. It’s a newer event that started in 2015 but it has gained massive popularity gathering crowds of over 80,000 people.

The acts will be epic and the production can’t be compared. Pumped to experience Ukraine’s biggest musical wonderland festival of the year.

5. Seasplash Festival – Sibenik, Croatia

To finish off part II of my Euro Summer Tour we will be landing in one of the world’s greatest splash zones. Sibenik, Croatia is a great summer vacation location placed right on the coast for the ultimate reggae and dub music event in the country.

Super interested in exploring the coastline as well as we chill out during the middle of summer. The Seasplash Festival will feature four stages with live music on the beach and free camping. Not a bad way to wrap up part two of this epic summer Euro Tour.

Find out what went down on Rad Season’s European Tour Part 1 and follow our Instagram page to watch how each event unfolds! @Radseason


Feature image: Oli Russell-Cowan, Kat and Theo at Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling on the first part of their European tour.
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Oli Russell-Cowan

The concept for Rad Season came about when I was trekking around Latin America. I found it difficult to find cool events and festivals going on that were a bit different and had an element of adventure and general radness to them. I knew that there was always something rad worth going to somewhere in the world, but there was no single platform bringing them together for like-minded people. With over 15 years experience in international business development, spanning multiple industries including action sports, events, media, digital, ICT, travel and tourism, I decided to combine them all with Rad Season.


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