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Local’s Guide To Skateboarding In Denver

The Rockies often overlook the ripe sense for utopian skate grounds situated deep in the core of Denver, Colorado, USA

Over the last decade, the State has been revamping their skateparks in the urban cities and high country, to compete with those in California and the rest of the country. The expectations are there with massive bowls to lofty staircases but there’s more to see in the streets.

In a time of influx, Denver is witnessing a mass eruption of development, paving a way for innovative architecture featuring smooth marble, polished metal and geometrically sound skate grounds. Flat roads and public transportation stretch for miles with hills nearby, encouraging people to see the city in its entirety and therefore, endless access to skate spots. Skaters from all around stop by, often on their way to California, and those without connections may not get the full rundown; yet here we are.

Frontside 180 over bench at Cheeseman Park

Start of The Day

The sunny days can be sweltering with little shade nor breeze, forcing most of us to skate first thing in the morning or the late afternoon, into the crisp evening. Even so, the whole day is for the taking as spots litter the city along with endless shops and bars.

Blunt at Westminster High School

End up downtown after wakeup call and get to a proper start at My Favorite Muffin located at 1750 16th St, Denver, CO 80202, which hails as a favorite among the locals.

The low key cafe offers a bakery section with a cafe experience for those needing caffeine fix. In this area, you will find common chain stores with tourists and shoppers flooding the sidewalks. It’s not ideal to skate in the but a free bus runs east to west for free down 16th street taking you at the steps of a bridge towards Denver Skate park at 2205 19th Street.

“D Park” will get thrown around by the locals as a warm up hub for loose laps in the bowls and various progression features with occasional fights. It will soon be understood there is not much of a reason for a mid-day session there with brazen heat plus its rancid odor of a nearby sewer pipe.

Don’t be shy to say hello to owner Brendan of Emage Skate shop located right down the road on 1620 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202 that has all fresh off the press, kicks and decks along with frequent sales.

Kickflip to manual at 17th Market St

17th and Market Street is full of craft breweries and eateries with locals and tourists on the weekends. Look long enough and you will see a glass building with a manual pad ideal for tech tricks and mellow slappy sessions.

Right around the corner from this spot is a downward slope with circular ledges lined up one after another and rails hugging against the brick backdrop. It’s a bustling area but off to the side is grass ridden with shady trees, ideal for a nap and a cool buzz.


The Delectable Egg 1642 Market St, Denver, CO 80202 is one homey spot to catch a proper brunch meal, be weary it closes at 2:00pm, that sits right across the street from the manual pad. It’s a bit pricy but paying one meal for two is not a bad way to go if breakfast didn’t go as planned.

Afternoon Drinks

Tarantula Billard and Bar at 1520 Stout St, Denver, CO 80202 is a pub-grub, brick-walled spot with a cool waft in the air and endless craft pitchers that includes a round of free pool. On the plus side, this bar takes you right next to a spot at Civic Park.

Nose grind near 17th Market St spot

Civic Park 101 W 14th Ave, Denver, CO 80204 is a common tourist destination featuring a circular piece of architecture with a fountain in the middle and a marble Greek piece of work.

It’s a solid place for some shade and a beer in a bag to enjoy with the eccentric bums. It also serves as a mellow flat ground skate area with two waxed ledges and can attract a crowd if things get technical. At night there are free concerts and food trucks swarm the area throughout the summer and into the fall.

Backside tail slide at Civic Park

Alameda Station takes you right to the Baker district and off the lightrail stop is a series of knee high ledges waxed to prime, facing towards the Rocky mountains. Legs may be getting sore due to altitude and those who are 420 friendly, Northern Lights at 183 W Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80223 consider themselves a craft marijuana dispensary for Recreation 21+ and Medical customers.

Other than the ledges, a few spots are deem worthy but that’s for you to find.

Backside 180 over the rail at the University of Denver

Hop back on the RTD light-rail and head bit further South of Denver onto the pedicured campus of the University of Denver where campus cops do patrol. Often times they will tell you to leave but there are hidden gems in this area to be found; here’s a hint, go near the parking garages.

Anybody would know a college campus comes a college town full of party goers heading into dive bars and eateries in the university town.

Wall ride on Colfax

This article can go on for pages about spots throughout the city but what is the point of taking away the adventure of getting lost in areas that no skater has discovered to find your own secrets. At the end of the day, Denver is more to offer than meets the eye and give yourself a chance to skate around a city and may one day be the new skate mecca.


A good solid day in the books can’t go without a proper ending with some nightlife and perhaps regrettable decisions in a city full of talented musicians. Live music can be found everywhere ranging from EDM to psych metal, leaving your crew with endless options for an epic night.

High Dive: One can say its a hipster hangout spot located on South Broadway that often features local Denver musicians and others from around the country. Check out their website for weekly showings and they often have a cover charge.

Matchbox: Larimer is a hot street with tons of options to get fully torqued but this spot is often popping with solid tunes and dance-offs. It also features a massive patio area in the back where they do not mind the occasional joint going off.

MeadowLark: Only a block away from Matchbox you may hear Indie bands and Djs playing in a basement style bar outlined with art making it a hip spot to meet other artists.

Lost Lake Lounge: Colfax Ave is the longest road in America bustling with pawn shops to legendary music venues but Lost Lake is a dark dive bar for those on budget yet, can appreciate the tunes of local Denver musicians.

Photos by Oscar Ladd

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