Nitro Circus Sydney Extraordinaire

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Fireworks, back flips and world firsts at Nitro Circus Sydney

On Friday night I headed out to Qudos Bank Arena to check out the Nitro Circus 10th Anniversary Party of the Decade World Tour. Having never seen Nitro Circus live I was excited to witness some of the world’s greatest action athletes in their element, throwing down for a packed out crowd.

I looked at the setup in disbelief; I wouldn’t have headed down some of the ramps with a hessian bag let alone a full sized motocross bike. The crowd filtered in and a pre show dance off got everyone excited.

The show started with an introduction by the one and only Travis Pastrana, the original founder of Nitro Circus and evidently an extremely smart business man.

‘As the crowd amped up the motorbikes were sent out, engines were roaring and riders flying from one side of the room to the other.’

Names like Josh Sheehan, Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams and Pastrana himself began throwing out whips and seat grabs before the crowd really began to warm them up.

Cam Sinclair and Jarryd McNeil got involved as each run got bigger and badder. Bikes were sent in every direction as riders began to turn upside down, throw limbs off and show up their unbelievable skill set.

The ease at which the riders were flying through the air was like second nature. The ever present danger looked of no concern as back flip after back flip was performed flawlessly.

Travis Pastrana with a one handed superman. Photo: Nitro Circus

As the Freestyle Motocross riders headed backstage for a breather, it was time for BMX, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards. Picture the FMX ramps times three. I was in the second tier of seating and the start of this ramp hurt my neck to look up at!

These guys were hitting huge speed down the ramp before gaining some serious air. Like the motorbikes these guys started small building up their tricks run by run. Before long they too were sending it in all directions. I didn’t even think tricks in rollerblades were possible until I saw Chris Haffey hit the ramp. This guy is a true phenomenon and one to watch on the action sports scene.

360’s turned into 720’s and 1080’s as the rotations began to blur. The skill set on show was unbelievable and the guys were loving every second, involving the crowd and sticking their moves time and time again.

‘As the show hit the halfway stage I thought I had seen everything when in true Nitro fashion the envelope was pushed.’

The next section was called contraptions and riders were sent down the biggest ramp in everything from trolleys and trike bikes to old school sofa couches. These guys are truly nuts and not one of them took a backward step.

‘The craziness scale hit a ten as Australia’s own Sinclair scouted four members of the crowd to join him in a five person backflip.’

For obvious reasons participants was briefed back stage before gearing up and joining the rider on centre stage. One by one they piled up on the bike, how they fit was anyone’s guess. Sinclair circled the arena getting used to the extra weight before hitting the ramp and pulling off a near flawless five person back flip (the rider at the back let go on landing, falling off without injury). Once again I was left stunned by what I had just seen.

Cam Sinclair’s five person backflip. Photo: Nitro Circus

A minor hiccup in the night came as Colten Moore took to the air with a 200kg snowmobile. While trying to flip the machine Moore came unstuck on the landing, hitting the deck hard and losing consciousness.

The show treated the situation with great respect and kept the crowd well informed as they went through the process of helping Moore from the scene on a stretcher. It has since been reported that Moore is recovering in hospital but is in good spirits. It was a small dampener on the night but it is a risky business and the Nitro team should be commended on their response to the situation.

Colten Moore recovering with the Pastrana family. Photo: Nitro Circus

As the show came to a close fans were treated to a Pastrana world first as he attempted a double backflip superman. The extra padding was bought out and the crowd rose to its feet before the legend pulled off the trick off the night.

‘Not to be outdone, Australia’s own Ryan Williams looked to take on a world first, performing a double front flip on a BMX.’

Having already stunned the crowd with his scooter skills, Williams turned to the bike and all but pulled off the frightening manoeuvre. The crowd had their hearts in their mouths as he made the rotations, landing the trick before coming off at the run on.

The Nitro Crew all assembled for one last showcase, as riders of all modes hit the ramps. It truly was an amazing spectacle as BMX riders flipped alongside the motocross bikes. Fireworks were going off and the crowd was once again bought to its feet.

‘Without doubt this was one of the most exciting events I had ever seen live.’

The skill on show in comparison to the ever present danger is something hard to imagine and you truly need to see firsthand just talented these guys really are.

Well some say talented I say crazy!

The tour will hit Melbourne this weekend before leaving our shores so if you are yet to get a ticket, I would recommend acting fast.

Tickets available at: Nitro Circus Live Tickets

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Hayden Gregory

Hayden Gregory is a motocross reporter for Dirt Action Magazine from Sydney Australia. He loves the thrills, spills and energy involved with all things moto.


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