British Skateboarder Lucy Adams releases Inspirational Life Story

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Lucy Adams has Become an Emblem of British Skateboarding

These days you see girls skating everywhere, but that wasn’t the case when Lucy Adams started out skating around Sussex back in 1997.

In the intervening 24 years Lucy was not only a pioneer of women’s skateboarding in the UK but her forthrightness and refusal to be fobbed off or patronised made her an important face in British skateboarding, full stop.

Like Sue Hazel before her, Lucy has become a scion because she stuck at it as generations came and went (a skateboarding generation can mean as little as 3-5 years, in reality).

So besides being the best female skater in the UK currently, Lucy’s pro status for Lovenskate – where her boards sell out every new edition- means she is charting new territory in what is possible on behalf of the people of all sexes whom she inspires daily.

She is the positive face of modern Britain.

Enjoy her skateboarding life story and groundbreaking new part combined in ‘A Metre Of Air’ by filmmaker Andy Evans.

Check out what Lucy’s up to on instagram at Lucyadamsskate


Feature image credit: Andy P

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