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Experience cultural events worldwide- see the sights, meet all the amazing people and soak in the culture. From the Coppers Hill Cheese Rolling Festival and the World Bog Snorkelling Championships in the United Kingdom, to the World Wife Carrying Championship in Finland, to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, for those with an open mind and desire to travel, adventure awaits the minute you step out the front door.

Whatever your passion may be–music festivals, yoga retreats, midnight dance parties, has amassed a schedule of the most interesting and inspiring cultural happenings from around the world. So find some time on your schedule, save a little money and hit the road.

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Cultural Events Around the World

In order to begin to understand a people, you must first understand their culture. Thomas Wolfe defined culture as “ the arts elevated to a set of beliefs.” Cultural events around the world take many forms. From the historical cultural events like Oktoberfest in Germany, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, or Holi Festival in India to the bizarre events like the World Bog Snorkeling Championships in Wales or the Chinchilla Melon Festival in Australia, Rad Season has something for the culture lover in all of us.

A cultural event can even be as simple as a music festival or a sports competition. The only way to find out how the rest of the world parties is to get out there and experience its music festivals, drinking competitions, sporting championships, bull running, and cultural events for yourself. Whatever your style,’s list of upcoming cultural events is your ticket to experiencing culture worldwide.



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