Wilderness Festival 2019 -

Wilderness Festival 2019

12:00pm 01 Aug - 2:00am 04 Aug, 2019

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Cornbury Park, Charlbury, United Kingdom

Wilderness Festival: An enchanting celebration of arts and intellect.

Enfold in an untamed experience during the first week of August where art, music, food and nature become one. The Wilderness Festival 2019 is a four-day event that takes place in the 5,000 acre Cornbury Park of Oxfordshire, England. Although music is part of the programme, the festival focuses around an outdoor adventure that delves into peaceful vibes and diverse arts.

Enjoy classes in yoga and dance, or take a swing at your inner cartoonist with several art studios to work from. Culinary creations center the all-in-one event where craft eats and cooking courses populate workshop tents. Feel like expressing yourself vocally? Choose from over a dozen forum and debate discussion sessions that cover a variety of topics from self-growth to current events.

Indulge in extraordinary food and drinks while celebrating the arts across a scenic backdrop that masterfully disconnects individuals from reality. Join in on a friendly game of cricket before finding yourself in the lake amidst a skinny-dipping session by nightfall.

The Wilderness Festival is an event that represents intellectual learning within a minimalistic environment. Although outdoor events are known for their long lines and unkempt campsites, the Wilderness Festival provides attendees with clean bathrooms, showers and spas for a relaxing and recharged experience.

“Chomp on exquisite eats as you take in the tranquil motion of waterfalls and summer breezes.”

Where to View the Wilderness Festival

Plain and simple, head to Cornbury Park for the event headquarters! Packing is essential. Make sure to bring flashlights and camping gear as well as intriguing costumes that will dazzle fellow festival-goers. Be open to anything new as you may learn a skill you never thought possible. Ever wanted to take archery lessons? Now’s your chance!

The Wilderness Festival 2018 is also kid-friendly, so bring the entire family. Kid’s activities include junior workshops and cooking classes so the little ones can learn just as much as the parents.

How to Get Around Oxfordshire

Cornbury park is located about 70 miles away from downtown London. It truly is smack dab in the middle of the wilderness with the closest village placed over a mile away from the park itself. There are several options for arrival and plenty of parking is available if you choose to travel by car. Just make sure to follow their specific instructions for directions to the festival site.

Connecting trains from London will make regular stops at the Charlbury station from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday through Monday. From there, local taxis and festival shuttles provide pickup/dropoff services to the event.

A great option for those traveling in groups is booking through the festival coach services.

Where to Stay in Cornbury Park for the Wilderness Festival

Event organizers have provided multiple camping options depending on your preference. Family camping, quiet camping and several other choices are available on their ‘where to stay’ page.

Bed and breakfast as well as other lodging options are located in the surrounding Oxfordshire area for those who do not want to camp on-site.

Things to Do in Oxfordshire

It may be difficult to pry yourself away from the beautiful scenery in Cornbury Park during this four-day festival. However, if you choose to explore other areas, bike paths, rivers and historical museums await in this south east county of England.

Take in the awe-inspiring Oxford Castle or bring the kids to Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens to interact with animals.

Board the big-red bus for Oxford’s sightseeing “Hop on Hop off” tour. Whatever you choose, Oxfordshire offers scenic views of England’s most beautiful countryside.

For more festival information and to get early bird tickets head to the official website Wildernessfestival.com

Accommodation near Wilderness Festival 2019

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