Virtual Run: Trail Running Series

9:00am - 12:00pm 14 Jun, 2020

Event Ended

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Virtual Run = Physical Distancing + Socially Uniting: Trail Running Series goes virtual

We cannot run together through the trails but we can run by ourselves. Share the fun running or walking… virtually. The organizers of the Augusta Adventure Festival have gone virtual.

Run your own course at the same time as everyone else at this virtual run. Use Facebook Live, ZOOM, Strava or Race Map live tracking to compete with the others in a virtual 5k, 10k or 15k.

Your experience at the Virtual Trail Running Series

Most running events are canceled at the moment so you will get to enjoy this virtual run. Whilst the event is competitive it is probably more about engaging with friends and the running community. Challenge your friends even if you cannot be with them physically.

Buy tickets for the virtual run

You can get a single run ticket for 15 AUD and 2 races for 25 AUD. You can also sign up for the Premium version at 55 AUD and get 2 races, the official event t-shirt, Fitbit Phone Armband, 32gi Gel, 2 x HIIT Factory online classes and 30 AUD digital voucher at Footpro. 

Just head to Rapid Ascent’s website to sign up.

Virtual Trail Running Event schedule

The first Virtual Trail Running Event takes place on Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 9 am. All runners start at the same time. Distances are 5km, 10km and 15km.

8:40am – get to the start

Get to the start of your race

Go onto Facebook or ZOOM 

8:50am – start live tracking

Start ‘Live Tracking’ on Race Map or ZOOM 

9:00am – start running

Keep ‘Live Tracking’ turned on for the duration of your run (in Race Map)

Press start on your GPS watch or iPhone app so you can upload it to Strava


Complete your run, stop your GPS watch or iPhone Strava app and upload the details to Strava

Stop ‘Live Tracking’ in the Race Map app

How do I take part in the virtual run?

Record your results via Racemap or Strava

Racemap: Log into the app Racemap and look up the ‘Trail Running Series’ event (you will receive your name and the password in the Event Program sent to you prior). Start live tracking a few minutes before you run to make sure you’re all set to go. Stop live tracking when you complete your race.

Strava: Log into Strava app and join the Trail Running Series (TRS). Record your virtual race and upload it to Strava at the latest by 12pm that day.

Join the fun via Facebook or ZOOM

Share the fun and say hi to your competitors on Facebook or ZOOM. The event organizers broadcast live, welcome all runners and cheer everyone on at the finish line. 

Facebook: Look up TrailRunningSeries and watch the live broadcast from 8:30 am

ZOOM: Log into ZOOM and watch the live broadcast from 8:30 am (you will receive the Meeting ID number and password in the Event Program sent to you prior)

Next Virtual Trail Running Event

The next Virtual Trail Running Event takes place on Sunday, July 15, 2020 at 9 am.

Photo credits: Brian Erickson, Lucas Favre, Mitchell Orr, Tim Mossholder

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