Treefort Music Fest 2021

4:00am 22 Sep - 11:30pm 26 Sep, 2021
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Boise, Idaho

Treefort Music Fest: Musical Vibes in Idaho

The Treefort Music Fest 2020 has been canceled. See you in 2021!

The state of Idaho is once again proud to host its annual Treefort Music Fest. Get into the groove and lose yourself in the musical atmosphere of the event. With all of your favorite bands and musical artists performing live, you must not miss the chance.

The entire style of the event has gone on to evolve and revamp where it has proven itself to be a binding force among people trying to find sanctuary from their busy lives and indulge themselves in the environment of love, friendship and music. The festival has grown and expanded dramatically since kicked off in 2012 and to this day has brought together different communities together regardless of their class or backgrounds to encourage enjoyment as well as engagement.

Your experience at the Treefort Music Fest

Treefort boasts freedom from corporate sponsorship as it was only pursued by the grassroots in order to maintain its independence and support for the indie rock scene not just in the USA but from across the world as well, going as far as New Zealand and Australia.

Treefort Music Festival is not restricted to the music scene alone. It offers backing for the disabled in the artistic industry, offering seminars on the music business, yoga and to top it all off, local beers for you to clink with as you explore the wide variety of options available for you in the egalitarian festival.

This even is widely considered an opportunity for people to represent and adopt new music and culture who are normally not in the mainstream of things. But the festival has won its support from International artists as well from the likes of Mobley and Rapsody.

The Treefort music festival is where you will find inspiration and influence from real art and diversity.

Best views of the Treefort Music Fest

The Treefort music festival takes place in the US state of Idaho. The state is located in the northwestern region of the United States. Its capital Boise is its most populous city and is exactly where the music festival is held.

Buy tickets

You can buy your ticket and get a festival pass making your way into the event. There are various options from day passes, main stage only, comedy, yoga and film tickets to the ultimate festival wristband. Just head to the organizers website to get your ticket online.

Things to do in Boise

Boise possesses many historic sites and landmarks which you can view like the Boise Train Depot, Belgravia Building and Christ Chapel.

If you are a history wiz then you are sure to fall in love with its museums which include the Yanke Motor Museum and the Boise Art Glass. The magnificent religious sites of First United Presbyterian Church and First United Methodist Church continue to inspire many tourists.

You can always kick back and explore its green life in the Camel’s Back Park and the Barber’s Park. And you simply cannot miss out on Boise’s famous French friend along with its Basque Food.

Pack your runners as Boise is also considered one of the four cities to travel to for trail running.

Where to stay 

The Treefort Music Fest brings many people along with the wish to join the event, so Boise is more than prepared to accommodate these people. The Candlewood suites, Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn all offer Free Wi-Fi and Free Parking and are rated as best valued of the hotels present in Boise.

For all the Airbnb’s and hotel deals in Boise head to the map below.

How to get around

To get to Boise you must first get to the state of Idaho from where even walking to the city will be a cinch for you. You can pass through the neighboring states of Idaho through flight or by road.

If you wish for a car ride then its best to travel to the state from Seattle or Spokane in Interstate 90. There you can take the route from either Interstate 84 where Boise comes across Exit 42 or Interstate 184 where the city comes across exit 50A.

The Bus services of Greyhound and Northwestern Trailways are highly recommended. The city’s very own Boise Airport is where you can directly reach your destination if you wish to take the plane.

Treefort Music Fest 2021 Dates

The Treefort Music Fest will take place on September 22-26, 2021.

Photo Credit: Treefort Music Fest

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Accommodation near Treefort Music Fest 2021

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