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10:00am 01 Feb - 10:00pm 14 Feb, 2021
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Easter Island, Chile

Tapati Rapa Nui Festival features sliding down the steepest volcanic slope on nothing but a banana trunk, Easter Island is the place to be.

Tapati Rapa Nui, features testosterone-filled tests of strength, daring and endurance interspersed with delicate displays of dance and arts in a two-week fiesta that most of the island’s 5,000-strong population.

The pinnacle of events is the Haka Pei. The rules for this are to stand nearly naked in a loincloth at the top of a 300m-tall volcano, holding onto two banana tree-trunks lashed together with twine and launching themselves feet-first downhill, reaching speeds of 50mph before skidding to a halt in front of a cheering crowd.

Maunga Pu is the volcano used every year for the Tapati toboggan run. Spectators lay out picnic blankets and coolboxes in any patches of shade they can find, ready for a day’s entertainment. As traditional feasts get under way, baking enough fish to feed 1,500,  accordion bands play, stalls sell empanadas, and kids played Polynesian pop music through portable speakers.

‘Explore the exotic Easter Island, watching dare-devil tribal events by day and being enchanted by polynesian dancing and music by night in a two-week celebration of these unique Island people.’

At the foot of Maunga Pui,  arethe Tapati Games. Competitors throw long spears at a distant post, each strike is greeted with wild drumming, dancing and cheers from the crowd.

In the evenings spectacular music and dance shows replace the dare devil games of the daylight. These are also compeititve, with singing and dancing competitions culminating in the crowning of the “Queen of Tapai,” to mark the end of the festival.

Where does Tapati Rapa Nui take place?

Easter Island is a Chilean island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the most south-eastern point of the Polynesian Triangle in Oceania. Easter Island is most famous for its nearly 1000 extant monumental statues, called moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people.

How to get around Easter Island

The only airline serving Easter Island is LATAM. It has daily flights to and from Santiago and one weekly flight to and from Pape’ete in Tahiti.

Walking around Easter Island is undoubtedly the best way to appreciate the small town of Hanga Roa. Another alternative to travel not only Hanga Roa but the whole island, is to rent a bicycle in one of the several businesses located on the main street.

It is also possible to rent motorbikes or quads, although the most commonly used alternative for visitors is car rental. Most are off-road and well-prepared for unpaved roads. For those who do not want to rent any type of vehicle, there is a good local taxi service.

Where to stay for Tapati Rapa Nui

There are many resorts, hotels, and upper-class guest homes to stay at in Easter Island. Being remote, accomodation rates are at a premium.

La Perouse Rapa Nui is a guest house that enjoys a beachfront location on Easter Island less than a mile from Tahai. It offers three rooms designed in a smart, unfussy manner and each come with a ensuite bathroom.

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa, Easter Island’s newest hotel, sits high up on a dramatic cliff facing the Pacific Ocean and is 5 minutes from Hanga Roa itself. It features chic and spacious rooms, two restaurants and extensive spa facilities.

Head to the map below for accomodation near the event.

Things to do on Easter Island

Rapa Nui National Park is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site located on Easter Island and a must see while visiting. It is one of the most isolated destinations in the world and is famous for its mysterious stone Moai statues, while also providing stunning scenery, walks and hikes for the intrepid explorer.

The Rano Kau volcano is one of the most beautiful and impressive natural settings that can be admired on Easter Island. All the volcanoes on the island are now extinct, but their crater lakes can still be admired.

Tapati Rapa Nui 2021 Dates

The dates for the Easter Island Spirit Festival is February 1-15, 2021.

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Chile Travel Tips:

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Stay safe: Even the best-laid plans can head south. battleface can help you stay safe in dangerous or hostile situations as well as that epic road trip or catching a few waves. How to stay safe during Tapati Rapa Nui 2021? If you’re not covered for your trip yet, get your quote here.

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Accommodation near Tapati Rapa Nui 2021

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