Snowattack Festival 2019 -

Snowattack Festival 2019

12:00pm 26 Jan - 11:30pm 02 Feb, 2019

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Les Orres, France

Throw some snowballs and enjoy Snowattack Festival

Are you a fan of winter sports and festivals? Snowattack is the place for you and your gang. It goes down in Les Orres located in the French Southern Alps. For the third time now, it will house the Snowattack festival. With panoramic views over Serre-Poncon lake and a wonderful landscape of alpine pastures and forests of larch together with the Swiss pine, your holiday will surely get heated up. The event has sports, fun and chill programs during the day and you just can’t get enough. To stir up the fun, there are hütte parties, carnival and adventure activities in the afternoon. An event is not considered complete without a concert and this is no exception.

The Snowattack festival has a variety of activities to choose from and regardless of your taste, you will find yourself something to cheer you up. What will even catch your attention is the skewball where everything just comes to life and also, the atmosphere is striking enough. There is a special program for all of these activities with some of them happening at night.

It is not just the activities that will steal your attention, but also the venues which include; the Snowattack part arena, Snowattack square, Snowattack terrace just to list a few. There are spectacular scenes at the heart of Les Orres.

Festival goers can access the shops and services they need in this town either at the 1650 resort center or at Bois Mean Les Orres. The services and shops include; food shops, craft shops, restaurants, tobacconists, bakeries, newsagents and more. The terrain where this event is hosted will just amaze you with a ski slope which is 150 km and a three-zone snow park for skateboarders. With special packages, the prices are just affordable and anyone should feel welcomed. The packages include; student, VIP, ski, BOIS mean accommodation, preclaux accommodation, and balcon accommodation.

Where to view the Snowattack festival

The event will be held at Les Orres in the southern Alps, which is nearly 100km south of Briancon above the city of Embrun.

How to get around Les Orres

You can get around to the snowattack festival by various means of transport. When you travel by bus, you will find amazing prices for students and non-students when you consider choosing any bus station programs such as Budapest premium bus, Budapest or even Debrecen.

Traveling in your own car is also another convenient option if you enjoy driving around, the distance from Budapest is approximately 1250 km and that is around a 14-hour drive. Flying to the festival is the fastest means due to the fact that Festival Travel Ltd offers airport transfer to some destinations which are included on the map.

Where to stay in Les Orres

While in the region for the festival, you can make your reservations for you and your friends’ at the LE winter Lounge, which is not only a lounge, but it’s also a place where you can taste some delicious salads, ice cream, and pancakes.

Book your stay for Snowattack from the map which will display all the Airbnb’s and hotels in Les Orres.

Things to do during the Snowattack

There are loads of things which you can occupy yourself with and have the moment of your life at your time in town for the festival. Visit some of the historical landmarks and sights such as; The Arles Amphitheatre, the Palais des Papes in Avignon and many more attractive landmarks.

You can also have a short trip and visit some of the beautiful cities nearby like Embrun and Briancon. Or you can fill your stomachs with some of the most delicious pizza’s prepared at the Pizza Bois mean. Just visit the site for some of the various things you can do while you’re around.

Snowattack 2019 Dates

The snowattack festival will be held on 26th of January 2019 going all the way to the 2nd of February 2019.

Accommodation near Snowattack Festival 2019

Rad Season is providing you with hotels and Airbnbs at the lowest prices available online. Book your stay for Snowattack Festival 2019 using the map below!

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