Sitges Carnival 2020

10:00am 18 Feb - 11:30pm 26 Feb, 2020

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Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

Sitges Carnival 2020: One of Europe’s Greatest Carnivals

The Sitges Carnival is held in Sitges, Spain every February. The festival will catch your attention with some very interesting events and parades like; Carnaval de Sitges, Sitges Carnival, Bed Race, Carnaval de Sitges Sunday parade, and Carnaval de Sitges Tuesday parade. The whole event dates back to the 15th century where it all started, but it then faded away. It was later revived in 1976 as “El Carnaval de la Democracia,” a democracy movement.

Sitges carnival bed race is one of the main events. The event occurs on the Game Francis street and runs along the route ending in the Plaza de Espana. Along the way, the competitors normally evade obstacles at the watch of the audience who are normally protected by hay bales. One team has 5 members and they all work together to steer a bed on a wheel all the way to the end. The team members have costumes with common elements. The good thing about this event is that even minors can participate, but they have to be accompanied by their parents. After the race is over, trophies are awarded to number ones, runners-up and second runners-up, those with the best group costumes, and best bed are also awarded.

‘The Sitges Carnival has 2500 carnival dancers on board, lots of floats (50+), adequate music for the friendly crowd, and sometimes ‘meager’ costumes.’

The event attracts 300,000+ visitors from all over the world as they enjoy watching these extraordinary scenes. There several affordable and luxurious hotels in Barcelona and Sitges to accommodate the event goers from different parts of the globe. What’s even better is that there is a variety of foods and drinks to grab from the area.

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Where to view the Sitges Carnival 2020

The event will be held at the small coastal town of Sitges 35km’s south of Barcelona in Catalunya.

How to get around Stiges

Since the event is held at this beautiful village next to Barcelona. Many locals opt to travel by taxis or drive themselves to the destination.

Where to stay during Sitges 2020

During your time in the region for this colorful festival, maybe you should consider where you could spend your nights resting and enjoying good accommodations as you enjoy the hotels and lodging facilities that you’ll find nearby.

On the map below, you’ll find hotels which you can book yourself into during the the Sitges Carnival festival.

Things to do during the Sitges Carnival 2020

There are several things which would surely make you and your loved ones have a time to remember during your stay for this famous event. You can go to the Sitges Barcos boats and hire a boat to tour around the beautiful ocean in Barcelona.

It doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a friend, you can go for the small boat like the 545 Barracuda or the solar Congo. But if you are a group of people, then you’ll need a bigger boat and that’s where you’ll find ‘large boat hire services.’ Some of the other things you could possibly do is to participate in the fascinating Sitges water sports activities or ride some of the Sitges Bikes. Taking a tour around the beautiful city is another option where you’ll get to enjoy some local dishes and drinks.

Sitges Carnival 2020 Dates

The festival will be held on February 18 to 26, 2020.

Read more about the other crazy festivals in Spain such as Las Fallas in Valencia and Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. 

Accommodation near Sitges Carnival 2020

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