Rio Carnival 2019 -

Rio Carnival 2019

1:00pm 01 Mar - 11:30pm 09 Mar, 2019

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Come to Rio and experience Carnival in the largest celebration in the world!

You simply cannot think about Carnival and not picture Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It is world famous for its Carnival celebrations, and for a good reason. Without a doubt, the extravagant celebration put on in Rio Carnival has unmatched the world over. Considered one of the craziest festivals in South America. unlike other festivals where its all about the culture and the people, Rio kicks it up and makes it all about the party.

Like other Carnival celebrations, there are costumes, parades, song, and dance but in Rio, it is elevated to nearly unbelievable levels. Some of the costumes taking years to perfect in design combined with modern flair and old world style will leave you breathless.

A carnival trip to Rio would not even come CLOSE to be being complete unless you take part in one of their wonderful orchestrated and hosted balls. These are lavishly decorated and designed parties that will honestly make you cringe the next time someone tells you about “their awesome party”. Scala Rio is the main nightclub organizer, with its themed dances during the Carnival season. Having the Gay Gala as a highlight, followed by the dance of the Marvelous City. You will not want to miss any of these so get your tickets WELL in advance because they will sell out!

‘Come to spend Carnival in Rio, the CITY of Carnival!’

Now the parades are something you cannot miss at all and like the balls will leave you in shock. Words cannot fully describe the attention to detail put into these floats, costumes and dance routines. You are going to want to get tickets and seats early because again, it’s a major production and they will sell out very quickly. Do not go to Rio for Carnival and miss a parade, it will be a forever regret.

Where does the Rio Carnival take place?

Carnival takes place all over the world, but for the main show, you are going to want to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The opening ceremony kicks off on March 1st in the Sambodromo. Parties and parades are happening all over the city. 

How to get around Rio

Walking is going to be your best means to enjoy most of what is going on in Rio during carnival. The local transportation system is amazing and you will have no problem getting around using them or local transportation services. Check with hotel staff to make sure you are getting the best deals.

Where to stay for the Rio Carnival 

This is a major city with plenty of hotels in and around the area. There are local options that range from resorts, bed and breakfasts hotels, hostels, and you can even find house-sharing options as well. You need to start booking now for 2019, it is on the level of New York during New Years and hotels will get SLAMMED.

Things to do in Rio

Rio is a massive city with tons of options to keep you entertained. Without a doubt, if you are attending during Carnival you will not have much time to do anything outside of Carnival and sleeping. However, should the need arise there are plenty of options, from fishing, shopping, golf, nightclubs, movies, places to eat and tons of markets and stores to shop in? Rio will not leave you bored.

Dates for Rio Carnival 

Carnaval starts off on March 1st, 2019 and ends on March 9th, 2019.

Accommodation near Rio Carnival 2019

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