Reggae on the River 2019

12:00pm 02 Aug - 6:00pm 04 Aug, 2019

Event Ended

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French's Camp, Humboldt County, California

Emancipate yourself while you jam out with old friends and new at Reggae on the River 2019

With some of the biggest names in Reggae supporting this 35-year long event it is hard to miss this if you are a fan of the genre. The event got its start in 1984 to help raise money to rebuild an old civic center and has since stuck with the community and the people as an event that has lasted now 34 years. Combining music and culture together for one long music festival with dozens of artists.

The fun starts around noon when the bands begin to take the state and for the next 12 hours you will be completely surrounded by nothing but the relaxing and gentle tones of Reggae music. That is not to say that the party stops at midnight, it only begins. When the stages go silent the people come alive, jam sessions, dance parties, and all sorts of fun going on well into dawn.

‘Surround yourself with friendly and interesting people, listening to hypnotic and meditative, yet rhythmic reggae music’

The event is put on not for profit and the event staff is almost all volunteers. So this, of course, means that service is not always going to be the best in terms of finding out information. Not everyone is on the same page so do your own homework beforehand. This is also a major social event and its first come-first serve for camping. So you are going to want to come early to stake your claim.

It is a weekend music festival surrounded by Reggae as a theme in a state where cannabis is legal. So obviously for those that partake there will be PLENTY of options.

Where does Reggae on the River 2019 take place

French’s Camp in Humboldt County, CA

How to get around in Reggae on the River 2019

Its a music festival at a campground so you are only going to need to get there, so you will need your own transportation. Once there wear some decent shoes, it is a dry riverbed so there are a lot of rocks.

Where to stay for Reggae on the River 2019

You will have plenty of Hotel options, however, to truly get the most out of this experience you are going to want to set up a camp and pitch a tent for a while. Now its first come first serves so be sure to get there quickly before all the prime locations by the water are taken.

Things to do in the surrounding area

There is an abundance of outdoor recreation in the area including fishing, hiking, camping, and of course you can swim in the river. The Festival is meant to be away from the cities and towns so you are limited in what you can do unless you feel like going for a drive.

Reggae on the River 2019 Dates

The Dates for Reggae on the river are August 2-4, 2019.

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