Red Bull Jump and Freeze Estonia

12:00pm - 4:00pm 11 Feb, 2017

Event Ended

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Kuutsemäe, Otepää, Estonia

Red Bull Jump and Freeze Estonia will come again to bring a bit of madness in the midst of serious winter sports and ekstreemsust!

The second time will Kuutsemäe snowy hillside total toughest machines in which Estonia has ever seen, and kimatakse them down the hill. Waiting for the icy winter swimming, and to win it, who collects the most points on their performance area composed of experts from the jury!

Whether you come alone or with friends, as long as your clothing designs would be the last in your Halloween costume and ride Kuutsemäe suffer a rapid descent.

Unlike last year, we expect to compete for a total of 25 teams, consisting of experts selected by the Council and the Õhtulehe referendum, we have received on the basis of drafts. Register your team comes to you, and soon all that is necessary to put a piece of paper one drone awesome figure. If you’ve received the design kit, you have to pass the time until 15 January, the paper put on one awesome figure and sent it back to us.

The designs are moving forward with the referendum Õhtulehe round, where it is possible to vote for their own flying machine to victory! The referendum will begin on 23 January and 5 received the most votes in the team who can access the contest, will be announced on January 29! A referendum won a construction crew putting shoulder Bauhof with a 100 € gift card! In addition to the five most votes become the team, consisting of experts selected by the Council from a further 20 machines to the mountain to be a total of 25 flights terrific machine!

Then it’s time to start building the bitter quickly, because your machine is approved, and we expect you to become experts on February 11 to compete especially sweet prize for it!

We make things easy for …

What: Red Bull Jump & Freeze Estonia
Where: Kuutsemäel, February 11, at 12: 00-16: 00
Who: 1-3-crew
How to: Put a piece of paper templates vingest Airplanes, send it to us, and soon will be announced 25 teams who built flight machine-slip racing down the hill, jump directly to the cats and direct the pool!


PS! Register your team certainly before the 12th of January, so that we can track all the envelopes and put to January 15 to reach back to us!

The prize will soon lift the veil of secret – keep an eye out for events!

NB! All participants must be at least 16 years old.

Red Bull Jump and Freeze Estonia 2016:

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