Quest Festival Vietnam 2018

1:00pm 23 Nov - 7:00pm 25 Nov, 2018

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Son Tinh Camp, Hanoi, Vietnam

Music, art and nature lovers don’t have to go to any other festival after Quest Festival, Vietnam.

Talented artists, musicians of every type of music and festival goers from all over the world gather to this magical celebration of yoga, swimming, food, music, dancing, art and nature. The Vietnamese festival showcases five stages featuring local artists and musicians as well as artists from abroad. Quest Festival is known to have one of the most beautiful, peaceful and natural backdrops. In addition to the music stages, there are areas for cinematic artworks as well as workshop spaces. The festival is centered around a beautiful lake so some people even bring tubes and floaties to relax in while they listen to the music.

Each year the festival incorporates a theme and this year the theme is the four holy animals of Vietnam which are the Dragon who symbolizes life and growth, the Qilin or unicorn depicts the head of a dragon and the legs of a deer and represents luck and security, the Phoenix to symbolize prosperity and morality and The Turtle who represents immortality, strength and power.

The festival has drinks and food for sale and they have a cashless system on bracelets. One of the best traditions of this festival is the costumes and some people known to get together months before the festival to create their costumes. Over the weekend, someone is chosen who has the best costume and they win a lifetime festival ticket.

“Definitely one of the best culture, community & art festival in Asia! The place is just magical!! it’s very pure & raw. a place where likeminded people meet and celebrate music & life…”

Where to view the Quest Festival

Son Tinh Camp, Hanoi, Northern Vietnam

How to get around Hanoi

Taxis and busses are the two options available to get to and from the festival, which have been set up in advance for people attending. Busses come and go several times per day and are the cheapest option at $4.00 USD each way and the taxis are about $12.00 each way.

Where to stay for Quest Festival

Everyone camps. If you have all your own camping gear you can basically camp wherever you want. However, the festival also provides any and all camping gear you may need.

They have large shared tents and/or three different sizes of private tents; large can hold up to 8 people if you are coming with a group, or a single or a double are also available. The even can also provide foam mats, pillows and bedding.

Things to do in Vietnam

There are so many things to do before and after experiencing Quest Festival. You have to visit the Imperial Citadel which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can rent bikes or walk around Hoan Kiem Lake which is also called Turtle Lake. It’s a perfect place to watch the sun rise and set.

If your tired of being outdoors you can get cleaned up a bit and visit the Opera House and you have to visit the Temple of Literature and the Temple of the Jade Mountain and take a walk around the old quarter. You can go shopping at the Dong Xuan Market which literally has anything and everything you can imagine.

You also have to explore the Ba Vi National Park and the Hoa Lo Prison although it isn’t a prison anymore, it is now a museum. Something really fun to do is make your own rubber stamps then complete your trip with a visit to Ha Long Bay.

Quest Festival 2018 Dates

Quest Festival Vietnam takes place on November 23 – 25, 2018

Start preparing your costume now for this year’s Quest Festival.

Vietnam Travel Tips:

Plan ahead: Book your perfect trip with our Vietnam travel guide and destination information. Does Vietnam require a visa? Check the visa requirements before you get caught up during your travel.

Spend money wisely: Take public transport and dine in from time to time are common saving tips during traveling. How to spend money wisely in Vietnam? Make use of technology. There’s an app for everything.

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