Lake of Stars Festival 2018

5:00pm 28 Sep - 11:30pm 30 Sep, 2018

Event Ended

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Leopards Bay, Salima, Malawi

Experience a true African adventure in Malawi at Lake of Stars Festival

2018 will be the Lake of Stars Festival’s 15th birthday. After taking a year’s break in 2017 the festival is returning with a vengeance and bringing with it, a new swanky venue. Still situated in the heart of Malawi, the Festival will now be held in the beautiful Kabumba Hotel filled with local Malawian characteristics. The hotel sits pretty on a stretch of bright white sands that meets the waters of Malawi Lake. Behind the venue, there is extensive rich woodland that leads to the Senga Hills.

Over the years the festival has gained massive momentum that has now taken it worldwide. Events have been seen in London and Glasgow with many mini-festivals and performances occurring all over the globe.

‘The main reasons that the Lake of Stars Festival was born were to increase awareness of Malawi arts, help the country’s economy and boost tourism.’

The 3 day festival includes a range of local talent as well as international performances many of which perform at the Lake of Stars pro bono just to help spread the message. 2018’s line-up includes Kim Of Diamonds, Fredokiss, Forus Crew, George Kalukusha, Madalitso, and many, many more. It’s not just the music that’s a hit at the Lake of Stars festival though, there are bursts of artistic creativity all the way through. The local community gathers to show the talents they possess with a range of cultural dances, costumes, and art.

There are Malawian chefs that put together a range of traditional dishes along with an assortment of beverages. After 14 (almost 15) very successful years the Lake of Stars festival now sees itself sitting firmly on the list of the best festivals in the world.

Lake of Stars 2018 Dates and Tickets

Fifteenth birthday celebrations and the hosting of a brand spanking new venue sees this year’s Lake of Stars festival kick off on the 28th of September 2018 until the 30th of September 2018. Ticket prices for the 3-day festival start at $150. Tickets including a 3-day camping pass costs around $180.

Getting to Lake of Stars

The festival will be held in the town of Salima in Malawi, southeastern Africa. The country of Malawi is landlocked and is easy to cross the borders from other African countries. An international airport sits in the country’s capital of Lilongwe. From there, it’s just over an hour and 30 minute drive. At the airport, you can find several bus routes into Salima though you might want to do a bit of timetable research prior to arrival.

Places to stay in Salima

There’s no doubt that Salima town is a beautiful spot in Malawi. Whilst there are accommodation options available at the festival, there are some other choices around the town. Most of these include basic yet comfortable lodges, these are fairly small so if you wish to stay in alternative accommodation during the festival you will need to book quickly. Towards the east of Salima, there are several luxurious hotels. Traveling just outside the town you will find even more accommodation including guesthouses, self-catered apartments, and hotels.

Things to do in Salima

Salima town sits right on one of the shores of the famous Malawi Lake. The lake is one of the biggest in the world and provides many activities including fishing, boat trips, water skiing, kayaking, diving, and snorkeling. Along with a very impressive lake, Malawi is enveloped in luscious forests. This makes the country fantastic for hill walking, trekking, bird watching, and 4×4 safaris.

The people of Malawi have a reputation for being ultra-friendly and are very passionate about their country’s culture. In many regions of Malawi, you will find cultural museums, stone age rock paintings, and historical ruins. A trip to Malawi may turn out to be one of the best travel experiences you’ve ever had.

Malawi Travel Tips:

Plan ahead: Book your perfect trip with our Malawi travel guide and destination information. Does Malawi require a visa? Check the visa requirements before you get caught up during your travel.

Stay safe: Even the best-laid plans can head south. battleface can help you stay safe in dangerous or hostile situations as well as that epic road trip or catching a few waves. How to stay safe during Lake of Stars Festival 2018? If you’re not covered for your trip yet, get your quote here.

Spend money wisely: Take public transport and dine in from time to time are common saving tips during traveling. How to spend money wisely in Malawi? Make use of technology. There’s an app for everything.

Accommodation near Lake of Stars Festival 2018

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