Iditarod Sled Dog Race 2019 -

Iditarod Sled Dog Race 2019

8:00am 02 Mar - 5:00pm 10 Mar, 2019

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Anchorage, Alaska

Iditarod: The Ultimate Dog Sled Race

Make dog sledding great again! And we mean that in its entirety. Iditarod is proud to once again hold its long standing tradition of the annual 1,049 mile long sled dog racing competition and invites you witness this amazing experience where dog and man unify to act as an extraordinary force.

Since 1973, Iditarod has continued to evolve and grow, starting off as a simple dog mushing event to a highly qualified competitive race events of the present era.

The Iditarod Trail Committee which has been trusted to monitor the dog’s health has taken excellent care in keeping them well fed and meeting their everyday needs which has garnered acclaim from their owners and dog lovers alike.

‘An event that truly exemplifies the truth that dog is man’s best companion, in the most thrilling way.’

You do not want to miss out on this experience of a lifetime so grab this exciting chance to see it in full view. You will not only witness first-hand how the professional mushers race through the blizzards but also absorb the emotional and symbolic connection between the dogs and their owners. Feel the loyalty, bond and love that unite them as they face the obstacles together. This is what the spirit of Iditarod truly represents.

Where to View the Iditarod Dog Sled Race

The sled race event takes place within the US state of Alaska in early March from the city of Downtown Anchorage’s Fourth Avenue just across the memorial statue of Balto. This is where the event kicks off following Sunday or Monday depending upon the exact location. The race will be covered from 8-15 days right until it ends in the city of Nome.

How to get around Alaska

Alaska is the 49th state of the US located in the Northwest of Canada distancing at least 2,000 miles away from its nearest state Washington. If you wish to get there by land vehicle you will have to drive through Canada otherwise taking the ferry or the plane is the common travel choice.

The most direct route to Alaska by road is the Alaska-Canada Highway (AlCan) in Dawson Creek, BC. This is the most popular route to take by car with plenty of gas stations along the way. You can also opt for the Trans-Canada Highway if you wish to spend more time in the Canadian wilderness.

If you want it to be an ever shorter trip then the ferry is the way to go. The Alaska Marine Highway ferry will give take you two to three days depending on where you choose to depart.

Where to stay for Iditarod

There are plenty of Hotels near the Iditarod Sled race location in Anchorage where you can book a room or check in at any time. The event attracts many visitors and the hotels are only too happy to offer them and you comfortable rooms with great rates depending on your affordability standards. Westmark Anchorage, Historic Anchorage Aviator Anchorage are among the many examples that will be available for you to choose from.

Check out the map below for all the hotel deals and Airbnb’s in Anchorage.

Things to do in Alaska

Alaska is the ideal state known for its outdoor activities. Its best known for its aquatic attractions especially whale watching. You can book your tickets for a whale watching boat and let your guide show you the main attractions of spotting these fine specimen. If you consider yourself lucky you might also feast your eyes on the Mendenhall Glaciers.

You can add to that by experiencing Alaska’s prized national parks like the Kenai Fjords National Park taking pictures of its wildlife habitats.

If your eyes have been well fed then it’s time to fill your tummy and stimulate your tastebuds next. Alaska is best known for its rich natural seafood. You must make time for the Alaskan salmon and the Alaskan king crab, one of which is enough to feast on all day!

Dates of Iditarod 2019

The Iditarod Dog Race takes place on March 2019.

Accommodation near Iditarod Sled Dog Race 2019

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