Hideout Festival 2019

3:00pm 01 Jul - 6:00am 05 Jul, 2019

Event Ended

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Zrce Beach, Island of Pag, Croatia

The Hideout Festival is not a place to hide, it’s a place to go wild

The Hideout Festival is a celebration of electronic music. Over 150 of the world’s best artists and performers dance the day away – for 5 days (and nights) straight – on a dream like Zrce beach, Island of Pag, Croatia. Hideout has been listed on The Guardian’s list of best European festivals and it has sold out every year since its start in 2011. People, mostly teens and young adults, party in the pools and beaches as well as on boats. If you are looking to party then this is your festival, it is over the top, super rowdy and a bit chaotic.

“Hideout festival and clubbing on this beach was amazing, can’t wait for next year. Drinks were pricey but nevertheless worth it.”

Where to view the Hideout Festival

The fesrtival takes place on Zrce Beach, Island of Pag, Croatia.

How to get around the Island of Pag

Many people take a bus from Zadar to the Island of Pag and then walk around the beaches or take taxis to and from different event and places. You can rent cars, however that is not advised especially if your planning on attending just the festival. Some people take the ferry and others take their boats to the island. The festival itself offer flight packages but there is already a waiting list for 2019.

Where to stay for Hideout Festival

The festival offers several “levels” of accommodation. Level 1 is very basic, level 2 includes wifi and air conditions while level 3 is the same as level 2 but includes more modern “fixtures and fittings”. Level 4 is their highest level and provides more comfortable and spacious places to stay.

For the best deals on hotels and Airbnb’s on Pag Island head to the map below.

Things to do on the Island of Pag

The island itself is a beautiful barren, almost moon like landscape, so if you have energy after the festival or want to explore the island before the event, it is guaranteed to blow your mind. You can visit Old Town, take a guided bike tour, go hiking through the “Pag Triangle” or explore under the water with a scuba or snorkeling tour. You can even go island and beach hopping.

Hideout Festival 2019 Dates

Hideout will be hitting Croatia on July 1-5, 2019.

The Hideout Festival is not for the faint of heart – or anyone looking for a mellow music experience. This festival is for the wild, crazy and enthusiastic electronic music fans.

Croatia Travel Tips:

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Accommodation near Hideout Festival 2019

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