Henley On Todd Regatta 2022

11:00am - 5:00pm 20 Aug, 2022
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Todd River, Northern Territory, Australia

The Henley on Todd Regatta is the worlds ONLY Dry River bed boating regatta

Rotary Henley On Todd Regatta takes place every year on the third Saturday in August. Held in iconic Alice Springs, Northern Territories, Australia. It’s a day of fun, hilarity and plenty of laughs. Participation is encouraged and most vessels are supplied.

Alice Springs, Australia

The Regatta is held on the dry sands of the Todd River in Alice Springs.

Get dressed up for a day of frivolity and fun and enjoy the hilarity as you watch teams race in bottomless boats through the deep course sand! Taking part in the events is free

Henley On Todd Regatta Events

– Battle Of The Boats
– Tour d Todd
– Mini Yacht
– Rowing 4’s
– Anchor The Boat
– Surf Rescue
– Rowing 8’s Head of the River
– Kayak
– Boogie Board
– Oxford Tubs

How to get to Alice Springs

By Air: Fly with Qantas airlines from any major city in Australia to Alice Springs regional Airport. The airport is a 10-minute drive to the town.

By Train: The Ghan is an incredible way to get to Alice Springs. The whole track is 2979 km and runs from Darwin in the North Territory to Adelaide in South Australia.

By Car: Driving to Alice Springs from the following cities. Check out the distances below:

  • Melbourne – 2,304 km
  • Sydney – 2,773 km
  • Darwin – 1,497 km
  • Adelaide – 1,531 km
  • Brisbane – 2,529 km

For more event information and tickets head to the Henley On Todd website.

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