Great Ethiopian Run 2021

8:00am - 3:00pm 14 Nov, 2021

Event Ended

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Great Ethiopian Run: The Biggest Race In Africa

Well, it’s not a marathon, it’s a 10k. But trust me, it’s still worth the trip. Located in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, the Great Ethiopian Run is Africa’s biggest and most famous running events—over 44,000 runners participated last year. If you’re worried a 10k won’t be a big enough challenge, fear not—the entire city of Addis Ababa sits at nearly 8,000 feet above sea level; the elevation is sure to put the hurt on late in the race.

Photo Credit: Great Ethiopian Run

The race is also the home turf of some of the greatest distance runners to walk the face of the earth. The race’s founder is none other than Haile Gebrselassie, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and former world record holder in (among other things) the 5k, the 10k, and the marathon. Even today, the race is a kingmaker among emerging Ethiopian elites. If you want to be part of the biggest race in Africa, don’t miss this run.

Photo Credit: Great Ethiopian Run

The Race

The race start and finishes at the center of Addis Ababa at Meskel Square. In the races 19 year history it has always  been starting and finishing at Meskel Square except in 2013 and 2014 when the light railway was under construction and the square was not functional.  The race has been moved to Janmeda to the north of the city.

Photo Credit: Great Ethiopian Run

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Ethiopia Travel Tips:

Plan ahead: Book your perfect trip with our Ethiopia travel guide and destination information. Does Ethiopia require a visa? Check the visa requirements before you get caught up during your travel.

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Spend money wisely: Take public transport and dine in from time to time are common saving tips during traveling. How to spend money wisely in Ethiopia? Make use of technology. There’s an app for everything.

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